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  1. A helping hand

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    Maio 2009
  2. Land policy tools in Latin America

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    Janeiro 2013
    George W. Liebmann
  3. Property rights around the world

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    Maio 2008
  4. Making Land Legible: cadastres for urban planning and development in Latin America

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    Maio 2016
  5. Working papers posted

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    Julho 2007
  6. Book provides first overview of property tax in Africa

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    Junho 2017
  7. Journalists Forum looks at the central role of land

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    Maio 2018
  8. Land Lines articles offer lessons for Latin America

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    Agosto 2013
    Jeff Wuensch, Frank Kelly, and Thomas Hamilton
  9. The Case for Managed Retreat from Flood Zones

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    Setembro 2016
  10. Credit for distance learning in planning, tax

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    Novembro 2012
    Robert W. Burchell and David Listokin

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