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  1. Neighborhood Restructuring, the Built Environment, and Quality of Life in Urban China

    A Comparative Analysis
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    Junho 2021
    Qiang Fu, Jiaxin Gu, and Piao Han

    Has China’s urban transformation improved its urban environment in terms of quality of life? If so, how can we reconcile the influx of Chinese migrants who are seeking a better ‘...

  2. Public Finance Concepts for Planners

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    Dezembro 2006
    Randall Crane

    What should planners be taught about public finance? This paper has three primary goals: First, to revisit the proper facilitating roles of public planning in the private economy; second, to...

  3. Land Tenure and Children’s Health

    Evidence from China
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    Junho 2021
    Li Fang and Chuanhao Tian

    Does land tenure improve children’s wellbeing? We answer this question using a natural experiment – the 2003 Land Contract Law in China, which bans land adjustments in villages. This...

  4. Redensificar para reconstruir

    El caso de los derechos adicionales de edificabilidad para la reconstrucción de la Ciudad de México
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    Julho 2021
    Julio César Fuentes Quezada and Claudia Acosta

    El 19 de septiembre de 2017 ocurrió uno de los sismos más destructivos en la historia de México. Por la pérdida de vidas humanas, la infraestructura pública...

  5. Moderately Priced Dwelling Units

    Montgomery County, Maryland’s Model of Inclusionary Housing
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    Maio 2021
    Brittany Wong, Gerrit Knaap, and Willow Lung-Amam

    Montgomery County, Maryland, is a relatively wealthy suburb of Washington, DC. Once predominantly racially white, Montgomery County’s nearly one million current residents are racially diverse,...

  6. Reajuste de tierras en Medellín, Colombia

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    Novembro 2014
    María Cristina Rojas Eberhard and Beatriz Elena Rave Herrera

    De acuerdo con Doebele (2002), existen dos tipos de reajuste de tierras: el primero tiene como principal objetivo reconfigurar las formas prediales para obtener un uso más eficiente del suelo...

  7. Value Capture and the Role of Land in the Equality of Opportunities

    The Case of São Paulo, Brazil
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    Maio 2021
    Ciro Biderman

    São Paulo has developed a unique instrument for capturing land value: charging for the right to build. This instrument has been evolving since mid-1970s and is now firmly established in the...

  8. From Vision to Value

    A Case Study of How Seven Danish Cities Conduct Area Development to Propel Urban Revival
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    Junho 2021
    Luise Noring

    This working paper presents how large-scale urban redevelopment across seven Danish cities and towns is delivered and financed using land value capture. In all the seven cases, partially or fully...

  9. An Examination of Sales Ratio Data and Sources Incorporated into the 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study

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    Dezembro 2020
    Bob DeBoer

    The 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study, jointly produced by the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence (MCFE) and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, uses sales ratios to more accurately...

  10. Santiago de Chile

    Breaking through Urban and Social Inequality with Inclusionary Housing
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    Maio 2021
    Isabel Brain and Francisco Sabatini

    Chile’s housing policy has efficiently addressed the housing needs of the country’s most vulnerable populations; today, its housing deficit is the lowest in Latin America. The downside of...


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