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  1. 2023–2024 Programa de becas para el máster UNED-Instituto Lincoln

    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Agosto 2023
  2. Features, Problems and Reform of County and Township Fiscal Administration System in China

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Julho 2013
    Feng Xingyuan

    That China’s counties and townships are in fiscal predicament is an acknowledged fact. This problem is largely attributed to the current multi-tier fiscal system, the county and township fiscal...

  3. Comparing Central City Finances Using Fiscally Standardized Cities

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    Julho 2014

    Recent bankruptcies of several large central cities, most notably Detroit, have highlighted the importance of better understanding the fiscal pressures faced by American central cities. Because...

  4. The Fiscal Health of U.S. Cities

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    Janeiro 2014

    The recent bankruptcy filing by Detroit highlights the importance of measuring the fiscal health of the nation’s central cities. In this paper we explore several means of assessing city fiscal...

  5. Causes and Consequences of Fiscal Stress in Michigan Municipal Governments

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    Fevereiro 2010
    Mark Skidmore and Eric Scorsone

    Over the last several years Michigan municipalities have experienced significant and ongoing fiscal crises. The purposes of this study are to identify the underlying causes of fiscal hardship, and...

  6. Fiscal Disparity across Chinese Cities

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    Julho 2013
    Li Zhang, Fanghua Li, and Xinye Zheng

    Using county level data from 2006, we in this paper look at the fiscal disparity as measured by the CV in per capita expenditure at city level. We try to discern factors contributing to this measure...

  7. The Impact of Nonprofit, Large Landowners on Public Finance in a Fiscally Distressed Municipality

    A Case Study of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    Dezembro 2007
    Sabina Deitrick and Christopher Briem

    In 2004, the City of Pittsburgh became an Act 47 distressed community under Pennsylvania’s Municipalities Financial Recovery Act. This law placed the City in quasi-bankruptcy with state...

  8. Fiscal Zoning and Economists’ Views of the Property Tax

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    Fevereiro 2014

    Fiscal zoning is the practice of using local land-use regulation to preserve and possibly enhance the local property tax base. Economists agree that if localities can conduct “perfect zoning,...

  9. Land, Infrastructure, Housing Costs and Fiscal Impacts Associated with Growth

    The Literature on the Impacts of Sprawl versus Managed Growth
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Janeiro 1995
    Robert Burchell and David Listokin

    Please contact us to request a PDF of this paper. Where? In what form? At what density? These concerns really do matter when analyzing the effects of development on land consumption, infrastructure...

  10. Property Tax Responses to State Aid Cuts in the Recent Fiscal Crisis

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    Janeiro 2008

    Many states experienced fiscal crises at the beginning of this decade. Some responded by cutting state aid to local governments. This paper explores the extent to which local governments responded to...


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