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  1. Shenmin Liu


    Shenmin Liu is a Research Analyst with the Land and Water Conservation Program and China Program at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. She is currently supporting the Institute's efforts in...

  2. Rohan Kocharekar


    Rohan Kocharekar is a Resident Fellow in the International and Institute-Wide Initiatives team at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. He is currently supporting research on the Institute’s...

  3. Enrique Silva


    Enrique R. Silva is Vice President of Programs at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy where he leads the development of the Institute’s overall strategic program by overseeing and coordinating...

  4. Jenna Martin


    Jenna has been with the Lincoln Institute since 2015. Jenna worked in Programs, advancing the Fiscally Healthy Communities and Regions goal for the past eight years. She recently transitioned to the...

  5. Adam H. Langley


    Adam H. Langley is associate director of tax policy at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. His research focuses on state and local public finance, with dozens of publications, primarily on property...


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