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  1. The Municipal Fiscal Crisis and Payments in Lieu of Taxes by Nonprofits

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2011

    PILOTs are voluntary payments made by tax-exempt nonprofits as a substitute for property taxes, but their revenue potential varies across municipalities because of large differences in the impact of...

  2. Sedona joins fiscal pilot program

    Sedona Red Rock News
    Fevereiro 21, 2018
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  3. 2018 International Conference on Municipal Fiscal Health

    Maio 21, 2018

    A seminal event in the Municipal Fiscal Health campaign’s trajectory, this conference convenes leading experts, scholars, and practitioners for an international dialogue to further elevate municipal fiscal health as an issue of global importance.

  4. Máster en Políticas de Suelo y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible

    Agosto 2023

    El Instituto Lincoln de Políticas de Suelo y la Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) han tenido una colaboración por largo tiempo. Académicos de ambas instituciones comenzaron a...

  5. Fiscal health conversation turns to foreclosures, unspent grants and land use

    Posts do Blog
    Junho 2017
  6. Housing Markets and the Fiscal Health of US Central Cities

    Abril 17, 2017
    Cosponsored with the Urban Institute

    Cosponsored with the Urban Institute, this event will offer insights from two recent research projects funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation that explore the links between shocks to urban housing markets and central cities’ finances.

  7. Experts discuss local fiscal health in New England

    Posts do Blog
    Janeiro 2017
  8. Sharing fiscal data for cities worldwide

    Posts do Blog
    Outubro 2016
  9. Promoting municipal fiscal health

    Posts do Blog
    Agosto 2015
  10. Lincoln Institute expands signature fiscal database

    Posts do Blog
    Março 2016


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