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  1. State Government and Urban Revitalization

    How States Can Foster Stronger, More Inclusive Cities
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Abril 2017
    Alan Mallach

    There are few actions that an urban municipality can take to further revitalization which are not directly or potentially subject to state laws, policies, and practices; while this is widely known,...

  2. A Framework for a Financial Sustainability Index

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Abril 2017
    Shayne Kavanagh, Mark Pisano, Shui Yan Tang, Michael F. McGrath, Doug Linkhart, Monika Hudson, and Erik Colon

    In order to navigate the many challenges local governments face today, leaders will need new and better systems of governance and decision making. These new systems must help government meet its...

  3. Three Lessons From the Rust Belt on Growing a Healthy City

    Next City
    Outubro 10, 2017
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  4. America’s large cities show signs of long, slow recovery: new Lincoln Institute data

    Posts do Blog
    Outubro 2017
  5. 2017 David C. Lincoln Fellowships in Land Value Taxation

    Oportunidades de Bolsas
    Junho 2017

    Named in honor of David C. Lincoln, founding chairman of the Lincoln Institute, this fellowship program was established in 1999 to develop academic and professional interest in land value taxation through support for major research projects.

  6. Webinar- Planning and Financing Successful Public-Private Partnerships: The National Development Council Model

    Junho 2, 2017
    Moderator: Lourdes Germán

    Join the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in our second Municipal Fiscal Health webinar focused on public-private partnerships, featuring Jane Campbell of the National Development Council and Mike Bailey from the City of Redmond.

  7. Roundtable- Leaving Money on the Table: The Challenge of Unspent Federal Grants

    Março 7, 2017

    The goal of this roundtable is to convene a cross-section of leaders from the public and private sector to explore the challenges of unspent federal grants in the context of the intergovernmental transfers system in the United States.

  8. Property Tax Limitations Demystified (IAAO Conference)

    Setembro 25, 2017
    Speakers: Daphne Kenyon, Scot Langton, Joan Youngman, Jared Walczak, Bethany Paquin

    The Lincoln Institute seminar at the 2017 annual conference of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) will focus on “Property Tax Limitations Demystified."

  9. Property Tax in Africa

    Status, Challenges, and Prospects
    Junho 2017
    Edited by Riël Franzsen and William McCluskey

    “This one-of-a-kind study is an indispensable source for academics and policy makers who seek to explore the virtues of the property tax. The relevance of this volume clearly transcends the...

  10. The Place Database

    Vizualização de Dados
    Outubro 2017

    The Place Database is permanently deactivated effective September 30, 2021. After this date, any previously created links to interactive maps will no longer work. You can still interact with many of...


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