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  1. The Influence of Local Fiscal Structure and Growth Control Choices on “Big Box” Urban Sprawl in the American West

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Janeiro 2002
    Robert W. Wassmer

    Is the amount of total retail sales and two forms of “big box” retail (auto and home improvement) sales that occur outside of a western United States metropolitan area’s central...

  2. Editing and Verifying Sales Disclosure Forms in Indiana

    A Primer
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Janeiro 2002
    Jeff Wuensch, Frank Kelly, and Lana Bousman

    The sales disclosure form has evolved into an integral part of the real property assessment system in Indiana. Originally created in 1993 to study the fiscal impact of moving to a market-derived...

  3. Exploring Ad Hoc Regionalism

    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Dezembro 2002
    Douglas R. Porter and Allan D. Wallis

    A growing number of urban challenges—from threats of environmental degradation and sprawl, to social and fiscal disparity, to economic transformation and globalization—call for action at...

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