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  1. Reconsidering Preferential Assessment of Rural Land

    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2012

    Preferential assessment of rural land has become a central feature of property taxation in the United States. Governors and state legislatures need to pause and consider whether various proposed...

  2. C. Lowell Harriss and David C. Lincoln Fellowships named

    Posts do Blog
    Junho 2015
  3. How low is low?

    Null Space
    Maio 22, 2009
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  4. Taxing land instead of buildings

    Junho 18, 2009
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  5. Journalists Forum looks at the central role of land

    Posts do Blog
    Maio 2018
  6. What would Henry George say?

    Posts do Blog
    Julho 2015
  7. Faculty Profile

    Carlos Morales-Schechinger
    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2013

    Carlos Morales-Schechinger joined IHS, the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 2008. This international institute attracts...

  8. A tax for today

    Posts do Blog
    Março 2010
  9. El debate sobre la recuperación de plusvalías en América Latina

    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2003

    Una versión más actualizada de este artículo está disponible como parte del capítulo 4 del libro Perspectivas urbanas: Temas críticos en políticas de suelo de América Latina. La recuperación de...

  10. Land Value Taxation

    Could It Work Today?
    Revista Land Lines
    Março 1998
    Dick Netzer

    Decades before Henry George made a passionate case for the "single tax" in Progress and Poverty, the classical economists had recognized that, in theory, the land value tax was almost the perfect tax...


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