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  1. Land Policies, Urban Law, and Climate Change

    Urban Taxation Measures to Address Climate Change Stage 2: Case Analysis
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Agosto 2023
    Melinda Maldonado, Safira de la Sala, Rachelle Alterman, Giovanni Andrés Pérez Macías, and Roberto Arazo Silva

    This document serves as a presentation of the second stage of research on Land Policies, Urban Planning Law, and Climate Change. In the first stage, we described a series of urban and taxation...

  2. What Is Land Policy? Readers Weigh In

    Revista Land Lines
    Outubro 2023
    By Lincoln Institute, October 18, 2023

    Lincoln Institute President George McCarthy asked for help defining the phrase at the heart of the organization's work, and readers responded with gusto

  3. Webinar: Towards Fiscally Healthy Michigan Local Governments

    Novembro 19, 2020

    In this webinar, the Lincoln Institute will present its research findings and have a discussion among key stakeholders about the issues facing local governments in Michigan.

  4. Webinar: Planning for an Equitable Recovery with Limited Fiscal Resources

    Outubro 2020

    As COVID-19 continues to spread and policymakers grapple with confronting deep histories of racial discrimination, residents of many legacy cities have found themselves confronting old challenges...

  5. China Program International Fellowship 2024-25

    Oportunidades de Bolsas
    Agosto 2023

    A call for proposals for academic and policy research papers addressing land, urban, fiscal and environmental issues relating to urbanization in China.

  6. From the House to the Ground: Insights Into the Challenges of Implementing State Housing Policies

    Setembro 2023
    Jenny Schuetz, Julia Gill, Semida Munteanu, and Sydney Zelinka

    As housing affordability concerns increase, state legislatures are increasingly intent on implementing reform. New insights from a workshop held by the Lincoln Institute and Brookings Metro offer a look at the challenges and opportunities along the way.

  7. Webinar: Planning for an Equitable Recovery with Limited Fiscal Resources

    Outubro 15, 2020

    This webinar will explore how legacy city leaders can pursue low-cost, high-impact planning efforts to get on the path to inclusive revitalization and foster a more equitable recovery from COVID-19

  8. Scenario Planning for Legacy Cities in Ohio

    Solicitação de Propostas
    Agosto 2023

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is seeking an Ohio municipality interested in participating in a seven-month scenario planning process to address challenges facing legacy cities.

  9. Comparing Property Tax Disparities in America’s Largest Cities

    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Kristina McGeehan, August 16, 2023

    Produced annually, the comprehensive 50-state report provides the most meaningful data available to compare property taxes among cities by calculating the effective tax rate: the tax bill as a percentage of a property’s market value.

  10. Fiscally Standardized Cities: A New Approach to Urban Fiscal Analysis

    State Tax Notes
    Maio 6, 2014
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário


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