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  1. Property Tax Responses to State Aid Cuts in the Recent Fiscal Crisis

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Janeiro 2008

    Many states experienced fiscal crises at the beginning of this decade. Some responded by cutting state aid to local governments. This paper explores the extent to which local governments responded to...

  2. Local Revenues Under Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries

    Linking Policy Reform, Governance, and Capacity
    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Paul Smoke

    Paul Smoke examines local revenue generation under fiscal decentralization in developing countries. He finds that local capacity for generating own-source funds is rare due to a lack of attention to...

  3. Interjurisdictional Competition Under U.S. Fiscal Federalism

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Sally Wallace

    Similar to the decentralization of environmental policy, scholars and analysts also express concerns about the welfare effects of interjurisdictional competition on economic development under U.S....

  4. Fiscal Decentralization and Income Distribution

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Cristian Sepulveda

    A major challenge of fiscal decentralization is its effects on income distribution. Theoretical discussions have questioned whether decentralization increases regional disparities when subnational...

  5. Opportunities and Risks of Fiscal Decentralization

    A Developing Country Perspective
    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Roy Bahl

    Despite the overwhelming support for decentralization programs, there is little agreement among scholars and policy makers, and scant empirical evidence, as to whether the devolution of power to...

  6. Public and Private School Competition and U.S. Fiscal Federalism

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Thomas J. Nechyba

    The traditional public school finance system under U.S. fiscal federalism has generated concern that the use of housing markets to ration resources and students to public schools may increase income...

  7. Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies

    Maio 2008
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    The study of fiscal decentralization has important policy implications for urban growth management, environmental conservation, and property taxation. First, fiscal decentralization gives local...

  8. Dick Netzer, State and Local Fiscal Expert, Dies

    State Tax Notes
    Junho 30, 2008
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  9. International land policy conference on property rights June 1-3 2008

    Comunicados de Imprensa
    Maio 22, 2008
  10. Making the Property Tax Work

    Comunicados de Imprensa
    Abril 2, 2008


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