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  1. Intra-Metropolitan Area Fiscal Capacity Disparities and the Property Tax

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    Abril 2004
    Michael E. Bell, Lindsay C. Clark, Joe Cordes, and Hal Wolman

    The purpose of this study is to assess the extent of variations in the revenue capacity of select local governments in the Washington, DC area using the Representative Revenue System developed by the...

  2. Land Taxes and Revenue Needs as Communities Grow and Decline

    Evidence from New Zealand
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    Julho 2004
    Suzi Kerr, Andrew Aitken, and Arthur Grimes

    New Zealand is unusual in that nearly 60% of local services are funded from property taxes. These are a mixture of land taxes, capital value taxes, annual rental value taxes and uniform general...

  3. Evaluating the Feasibility and Burden Shifting Impacts of a State Land Value Tax on Commercial and Industrial Property

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    Janeiro 2004
    Mark Haveman

    In the most recent general session of the Minnesota state legislature, a bill was introduced to transition the commercial/industrial portion of the state general property tax into a tax on commercial...

  4. Lessons from Attempted Utopia

    Fairhope, Alabama, and Arden, Deleware
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    Dezembro 2004
    Matthew M. Harris

    The towns of Fairhope, Alabama and Arden Delaware were founded in 1894 and 1900 respectively. Both were intentional communities founded to demonstrate the economic principles advocated by Henry...

  5. Local Public Finance

    A Glossary
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    Outubro 2004
    Harini Venkatesh

    This paper is a part of the research generated for a project on the fiscal impacts of planning, currently being developed by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The long term goals of this project...

  6. The Bogotá Cadastre

    An Example of a Multipurpose Cadastre
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    Abril 2004
    Liliana Bustamante and Nestor Gaviria

    Colombia’s cadastral administration is a meeting point for authorities from the various levels of the country’s political-administrative system. At the national level, cadastral activities are...

  7. The Bogotá Cadastre

    An Assessment
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    Abril 2004
    Michelle M. Thompson

    The implementation of any national planning program on a regional or local scale can be a challenge, even under the best circumstances. Colombia faces many social, political and economic issues that...

  8. From the President

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    Julho 2004
    H. James Brown

    As I have reported previously, the Lincoln Institute is actively engaged in an array of land and tax policy initiatives in China that will have a profound impact on the socioeconomic transformation...

  9. Confronting Housing, Transportation and Regional Growth

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    Abril 2004
    David Soule

    Seeking to address housing affordability and transportation congestion issues, the executive directors of the 25 largest public-sector metropolitan regional councils gathered in Los Angeles in...

  10. Effects of Land Acquisition on China's Economic Future

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2004

    In the past quarter century, the People’s Republic of China has achieved remarkable progress in economic growth, social advancement, and political and administrative reforms. These achievements are...


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