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  1. Exploring Ad Hoc Regionalism

    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Dezembro 2002
    Douglas R. Porter and Allan D. Wallis

    A growing number of urban challenges—from threats of environmental degradation and sprawl, to social and fiscal disparity, to economic transformation and globalization—call for action at...

  2. Faculty Profile

    Edesio Fernandes
    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2002

    Edesio Fernandes is a Brazilian lawyer and city planner based in London, where he is a part-time lecturer at the Development Planning Unit of University College London. He is also coordinator of...

  3. Large Urban Projects

    A Challenge for Latin American Cities
    Revista Land Lines
    Outubro 2002
    Mario Lungo

    As a part of the educational activities of the Lincoln Institute’s Latin America Program, a course on “Large Urban Projects,” held in Cambridge last June, focused on the most important and...

  4. The Influence of de Soto’s “The Mystery of Capital”

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2002
    Edesio Fernandes

    The proliferation of informal and illegal forms of access to urban land and housing has been one of the main consequences of the processes of social exclusion and spatial segregation that have...

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