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  1. Metropolitan Infrastructure and Capital Finance

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    Abril 2013
    Gregory K. Ingram, Zhi Liu, and Karin L. Brandt

    This paper provides a baseline analysis and comparison of private participation in key infrastructure (energy, transportation, telecommunications, water and sanitation) for developing countries...

  2. An Analysis of Alternative Revenue Sources for Local Governments

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    Maio 2010
    David L. Sjoquist and Andrew V. Stephenson

    In this paper, David L. Sjoquist and Andrew V. Stephenson evaluate the property tax, local sales tax, and local income tax using a standard set of criteria, including efficiency, equity, tax base...

  3. Restricting Residential Construction

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    Maio 2007
    Edward L. Glaeser

    In this paper, Edward L. Glaeser analyzes how land use regulations have affected housing costs in selected U.S. cities, and he looks at the welfare effects of zoning on the economy and nonpropertied...


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