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  1. Land Value Taxation as a Method of Financing Municipal Expenditures in U.S. Cities

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    Maio 2007

    To what extent could local governments employ land and property taxation to recoup a portion of these land values for financing local services and infrastructure? Richard W. England tackles this...

  2. Metropolitan Public Finances

    The Case of Mumbai
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    Abril 2013
    Abhay Pethe

    In an attempt to understand public finance in metropolitan regions, this paper by Abhay Pethe presents an analysis of the issues faced by one of the most important urban agglomerations in India: the...

  3. The Future Role of the Property Tax in the Funding of K12 Education in the United States

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    Maio 2014

    This paper reviews the role of the property tax in funding K–12 education. At present, local and state governments each contribute a national average of 44 percent of the funds spent on public...

  4. Grant Financing of Metropolitan Areas

    A Review of Principles and Worldwide Practices
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    Abril 2013
    Anwar M. Shah

    The amounts spent for public services provided in most metropolitan areas are much larger than own-source revenues of local governments, which means that much of the job of financing local services...

  5. Charter School Location

    Evidence and Policy Implications
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    Maio 2014
    Robert Bifulco

    Charter schools are just one school choice option, but one of the options that is growing rapidly. Robert Bifulco contributes a thorough review of the literature on charter school location, pointing...

  6. Trends in Local Government Revenues

    The Old, the New, and the Future
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    Maio 2010
    J. Edwin Benton

    This paper by J. Edwin Benton examines the response of diverse local fiscal structures in the U.S to economic stress with the aim to determine whether small and large municipalities across regions...

  7. Governance Structures and Financial Authority in Submunicipal Districts

    Implications for Fiscal Performance
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    Maio 2010
    Robert J. Eger III and Richard C. Feiock

    Submunicipal governments are established or chartered by the state or city and operate like private corporations with oversight boards. They have the authority to adopt corporate names, make bylaws,...

  8. Community Associations

    Decentralizing Local Government Privately
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    Maio 2008
    Robert H. Nelson

    In this paper, Robert H. Nelson describes an important change in local governance structure under the U.S. federal system. There has been a rapid increase in the number of residence-based, voluntary...

  9. Prospects for Private Infrastructure in the United States

    The Case of Toll Roads
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    Maio 2010
    José Gómez-Ibáñez

    Another way to finance public goods is to invite the private sector to construct and maintain the facilities directly. José A. Gómez-Ibáñez argues that private participation in the provision of road...

  10. Illustrating the Effects of Business Improvement Districts on Municipal Coffers

    Does a Rising Tide Compensate for the Secession of the Successful?
    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2010
    Leah Brooks and Rachel Meltzer

    Among the different types of submunicipal governments, business improvement districts (BIDs), have become increasingly popular in the United States and elsewhere. According to Leah Brooks and Rachel...


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