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  1. Integrating Land Use and Water Management

    Notas de Políticas Públicas
    Agosto 2022
    By Erin Rugland

    Land without water cannot support urban form of any scale, yet many land use decisions are made without regard to water, and vice versa. This Policy Brief introduces readers to best management...

  2. Departamentos e Programas

    Setembro 2016

    O trabalho do Instituto Lincoln está dividido em cinco áreas principais: Planejamento e Morfologia Urbana, Avaliação e Tributação, Iniciativas Internacionais e Institucionais, Programa para a...

  3. Conservation as revenue generator for state trust lands in the west

    Posts do Blog
    Março 2015
  4. Uncertainty and Risk

    Building a Resilient West
    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2013
    Erika Mahoney and Hannah Oliver

    Climate-related impacts vary across regions, affecting communities economically, socially, and environmentally. Efforts are underway in the West to plan holistically for climate change, build...

  5. New Lincoln Institute Policy Focus Report

    Arrested Developments
    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2014

    Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and Other Excess Entitlements In the U.S. Intermountain West, the real estate boom and bust of the 2000s left many residential development...

  6. Integrating Exploratory Scenario Planning into a Municipal General Plan Update

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Dezembro 2015
    Joe Marlow, Hannah Oliver, Ray Quay, and Ralph Marra

    Exploratory scenario planning (XSP) is a creative, collaborative planning method that can be used within a community’s traditional planning processes to develop and implement plans, strategies...

  7. A leader from the West

    Posts do Blog
    Outubro 2009
  8. Improving Collaboration Between State Trust Land Managers and Large Landscape Conservation Practitioners

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Fevereiro 2014

    Large landscape-scale conservation (LLC) frameworks hold significant promise for meeting 21st century challenges while maintaining and/or restoring the health and function of critical ecosystem...

  9. Vídeos do Centro Babbitt para Políticas Fundiárias e Hídricas

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Abril 2022

    The Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy is working to secure our water future. View our videos to learn more about our approach toward solving water management and land use integration challenges.

  10. Consortium for Scenario Planning 2023 Conference

    Fevereiro 1, 2023

    Focused on new and current scenario planning projects, the in-person conference will showcase scenario planning work in the Southwest,


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