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  1. Preventing Displacement Along Maryland's New Purple Line Corridor

    Revista Land Lines
    Maio 2023
    By Jon Gorey, May 15, 2023

    A coalition of nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and others is working to preserve housing affordability along a new transit line in the DC suburbs.

  2. State Housing Policy Workshop

    Abril 13, 2023

    This workshop is designed to help state officials learn how to effectively track and evaluate the outcomes of newly adopted state housing policies.

  3. Lincoln Institute Sessions at the 2023 IAAO Annual Conference

    Agosto 29, 2023
    Ron Rakow, Paul Bidanset, Gary Cornia, and Nathan Seegert

    The annual conference of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) offers state and local assessing officials the opportunity to hear varied perspectives on property tax issues from...

  4. Mayor's Desk: Housing and Hope in Cincinnati

    Revista Land Lines
    Maio 2023
    By Anthony Flint, May 15, 2023

    A candid conversation with Mayor Aftab Pureval on the challenges and opportunities facing Cincinnati

  5. Place Profiles: Localizing Understandings of Disadvantage

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Agosto 2022
    Lucy Natarajan and Hyunji Cho

    The everyday economy team at UCL have been investigating the perspective of civil society actors in England, and the longer-term project of economic resilience where the goal is to engage with local...

  6. Sistemas Tributários Eficientes e Equitativos

    Junho 2020

    Aplicar recursos provenientes da propriedade imobiliária para financiar investimentos públicos e serviços governamentais essenciais

  7. Políticas de Suelo y Acción Climática en Ciudades Latinoamericanas

    Novembro 7, 2022
    Profesores: Alejandro Jiménez, Cintia Fernandes, Daniel Kozak, Giovanni Pérez, Jeffrey Allenby, Jorgelina Hardoy, Libertad Figuereo, Luis Quintanilla, Marielos Marín, Melinda Maldonado, Patrick Welch, Pedro Abramo

    La urbanización y las actividades humanas de las ciudades producen gases de efecto invernadero con impacto en la temperatura ambiente, las precipitaciones y la capa de hielo, lo que genera islas de...

  8. Five Ways Urban Planners Are Addressing a Legacy of Inequity

    Revista Land Lines
    Maio 2023
    By Jon Gorey, May 16, 2023

    Urban planners across the United States have pledged to address their profession's legacy of contributing to segregation and systemic racism.

  9. Office-to-Residential Conversions Are on the Rise—What Does That Mean for Cities?

    Revista Land Lines
    Maio 2023
    By Jon Gorey, May 16, 2023

    Downtown offices are sitting empty, while the cities they anchor desperately need more housing. Could those unused cubicles and conference rooms be converted into homes?

  10. New Hampshire: Heavy Property Tax Reliance and Longstanding School Finance Litigation

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Abril 2023
    Semida Munteanu, Bethany Paquin, and Sydney Zelinka

    New Hampshire does not levy a broad-based sales or individual income tax and therefore is the state most reliant on property taxes. In 1999, New Hampshire dramatically changed its system of school...


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