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  1. Doing Bad by Doing Good?

    An Empirical Analysis of the Incentives from Informal Settlements’ Upgrading Programs on Urban Informality
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Março 2019
    Cynthia Goytia and Guadalupe Dorna

    This paper has two different aims. First, we investigate the effects of informal settlements upgrading programs through a systematic review synthesizing the information provided by evaluations of...

  2. Laura Johnson Receives Kingsbury Browne Award and Fellowship

    Revista Land Lines
    Setembro 2023
    By Jon Gorey, September 8, 2023

    Laura Johnson, a lifelong conservationist with more than 35 years of experience in nonprofit management, has been named the 2023–2024 Kingsbury Browne Fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land...

  3. Land Matters Podcast: Summer of Smoke and Swelter

    The Science Behind Climate-Induced Wildfires
    Revista Land Lines
    Agosto 2023
    By Anthony Flint, August 3, 2023

    Record-breaking heat, out-of-control wildfires, and eye-stinging smoke have made the impacts of climate change inescapable for millions of people this summer. Heat, drought, high winds, and...

  4. Mensagem do Diretor e Presidente do Conselho

    Julho 2016

    Bem-vindo ao website do Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Instituto Lincoln), aqui você encontrará uma visão abrangente das atividades do Instituto Lincoln, organizadas em seis categorias principais...

  5. Planes parciales, gestión asociada y mecanismos de distribución equitativa de cargas y beneficios en el sistema urbanístico colombiano

    Marco jurídico, conceptos básicos y alternativas de aplicación
    Junho 2006
    María Mercedes Maldonado Copello, Juan Felipe Pinilla Pineda, Juan Francisco Rodríguez Vitta, and Natalia Valencia Dávila

    Esse livro é uma peça central para compreender o funcionamento do sistema jurídico-urbanístico colombiano assim como seus desafios principais. Numa linguagem té...

  6. Why do cities solicit PILOTs and why do nonprofits dislike the idea?

    Keystone Crossroads
    Janeiro 14, 2015
    O Instituto Lincoln no Noticiário
  7. President’s Message: Equity, Affordability, and the New Lending Landscape

    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2023
    By George W. McCarthy, July 10, 2023

    It might not be instantly obvious how housing finance could be considered a land policy, and even less obvious why pundits like me describe national financial regulation like the Community Reinvestment Act as one of the most important land policies of the

  8. Mercados Informais de Solo e Regularização de Assentamentos, 20° Aniversário

    Março 27, 2023

    Curso conmemorativo Mercados Informales de Suelo y Regularización de Asentamientos en América Latina. Dirigido a exalumnos para el intercambio y aprendizaje a través del debate retrospectivo y propositivo de temas fundamentales relacionados con la informa

  9. Conflicts of Interest Policy

    Agosto 2023

    As of April 2023 Article I Purpose The purpose of the conflicts of interest policy is to protect the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (the “Institute”) when it is contemplating entering into a...

  10. Who Owns America: The Geospatial Mapping Technology That Could Help Cities Beat Predatory Investors at Their Own Game

    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2023
    By Jon Gorey, July 18, 2023

    Corporate investors have the upper hand in the housing market, but the Center for Geospatial Solutions is providing communities with the data they need to push back.


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