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  1. Para Compreender o Solo Urbano

    Cadastros Multifinalitários para o Planejamento e o Desenvolvimento das Cidades da América Latina
    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Agosto 2021

    This Portuguese-language report describes the past, present, and future role of cadastres as a land policy tool in Latin America. It shows how national, regional, and local jurisdictions have used...

  2. Recuperação de Mais-Valias Fundiárias na América Latina

    Políticas e Instrumentos para o Desenvolvimento Urbano
    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Setembro 2014

    Urbanization in Latin America is associated with strong pressure for the supply of serviced land, resulting in significant changes in land values that are distributed unequally among landowners and...

  3. Instrumentos notables de políticas de suelo en América Latina

    Abril 2014

    Based on work presented at the May 2013 Latin American Forum on Noteworthy Instruments of Urban Intervention, this book (which includes work written in Spanish and Portuguese) presents 21 case...

  4. Implementing Local Property Tax Reform in Brazil

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2011
    Omar Pinto Domingos

    The property tax reform in Belo Horizonte was guided by the dual desire to eliminate distortions in its antiquated model and to introduce a new fiscal culture to support a permanent process of...

  5. La implementación de la reforma del impuesto municipal sobre la propiedad en Brasil

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2011
    Omar Pinto Domingos

    Las ciudades enfrentan grandes dificultades a la hora de intentar introducir un sistema del impuesto a la propiedad más eficiente. Uno de los desafíos consiste en controlar la alta volatilidad...

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