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  1. Great Adaptations

    How Two Smaller Legacy Cities Are Adopting Green Infrastructure
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2019
    By Cyrus Moulton, April 10, 2019

    Connected by the Blackstone River and by a history of hard times, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, are demonstrating how green infrastructure can help forge a new urban future in the era of climate change.

  2. In Search of New Life for Smaller Cities

    Revista Land Lines
    Março 1996
    Chris Kelley

    A proud outpost of America's Industrial Revolution, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, survived the Great Flood of 1889, when a 40-mph wave swept the city into the Conemaugh River. Johnstown rebuilt itself...

  3. Deconstruction Ahead

    How Urban Highway Removal Is Changing Our Cities
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2020
    By Kathleen McCormick, April 14, 2020

    Federally funded highways slice through most of the major cities of the United States, physically dividing neighborhoods and posing serious health risks, but the mindset that drove those projects is...

  4. Vacant Land in Latin American Cities

    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 1999

    Vacant land and its integration into the urban land market are topics rarely investigated in Latin America. The existing literature tends to focus only on descriptive aspects (i.e., number and size...

  5. At Lincoln House November 2017

    E-Newsletter Archive Issue
    Novembro 21, 2017

    November 21, 2017

  6. Journalists Forum looks at the central role of land

    Posts do Blog
    Maio 2018
  7. Faculty Profile

    Alan Mallach
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2013

    Alan Mallach is a nonresident senior fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program of the Brookings Institution and a senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress, both in Washington, DC; and a...

  8. Faculty Profile

    Ann-Margaret Esnard
    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2004

    Ann-Margaret Esnard has been a faculty member and director of the GIS Lab in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University since 1997. Esnard’s multidisciplinary background in...

  9. Grandes adaptaciones

    Cómo dos antiguas ciudades industriales pequeñas incorporan la infraestructura verde
    Revista Land Lines
    Abril 2019
    Por Cyrus Moulton

    Worcester, Massachusetts, y Providence, Rhode Island, están conectadas por el río Blackstone y por una historia de dificultades. Ambas demuestran cómo los proyectos de...

  10. Revitalizing America’s Smaller Legacy Cities

    Strategies for Postindustrial Success from Gary to Lowell
    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2017
    By Torey Hollingsworth and Alison Goebel

    For generations, the Midwest and Northeast's smaller hubs of industry were essential to building American middle-class prosperity. Yet as the national economy has transitioned away from...


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