Research Integrity

All people rely on land, no matter who they are or what they do. In the same vein, all decisions about land—its use, taxation, and stewardship—affect our individual and collective quality of life.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy exists to investigate these connections between land and people.

We research and recommend policy approaches that can help solve economic, social, and environmental challenges. We are a private operating foundation whose aim is to advance understanding and advise communities. Our partners include researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

We pledge to uphold the highest standards and to ensure that our research products are relevant and impactful, whether they are produced by the experts on our staff or by external partners.

In service of these larger goals, we acknowledge and adopt the following principles:

Do No Harm

When we conduct or commission research, we aim to generate benefits to the communities where we work and to society at large. We must work ethically and deliberately so that the anticipated benefits from our work outweigh any potential risks to research participants or other third parties.

Participants should freely and openly consent to our work together throughout the stages of every project, including planning, execution, and dissemination of research and educational products. Any data products or communications that we generate in conjunction with our research will maintain individual privacy and confidentiality.

We must weigh any potential competing obligations, strive to eliminate any conflicts of interest, and promote honesty and fair dealing in all such interactions.


We will provide clear and accurate information in the findings that we disseminate, and will make our insights publicly available through appropriate channels.

We vow to communicate openly with participants and protect any sensitive information gathered through our research. We will communicate transparently with research subjects about how the results of the work are intended to be used.


Equity is a guiding principle of our mission. We practice nondiscrimination in all aspects of our work, ensuring the fair treatment of others irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), ancestry, citizenship status, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital or domestic/civil partnership status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

We practice these ethics through communication, compassion, and respect in working with our partners. We intentionally seek participants and partners from traditionally underrepresented or historically excluded populations.

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy was founded on principles of fairness, equality, innovation, and education. As we explore the connections between land and the people who rely on it, we commit to upholding our values, practices, and procedures with concern for the immediate and long-range consequences of respectful and ethical professional conduct.