Lincoln Institute Scholars Program Alumni

This program provides an opportunity for recent PhDs specializing in public finance or urban economics to work with senior economists.


Thomas Brosy
Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
Property Taxes and the Great Recession: The Role of Property Tax Limits

Annie Hsu
Indiana University Bloomington
Dealing with Fiscal Stress: Cities versus Suburbs

Hoanh Le
South Dakota State University
Impact of the Renewable Fuel Standard Mandate on Midwest Farmland Values

Desen Lin
California State University, Fullerton
From Vacancy to Verdancy? The Impact of Land Options on the Timing of Vacant Lot Investment


Hector Blanco
New York University Furman Center
Local Effects of Bypassing Zoning Regulations in High-Income Areas

Xiaozhou Ding
Dickinson College
Estimation of Welfare Effects in Hedonic Difference-in-Differences: The Case in School Redistricting

Hanchen Jiang
University of North Texas
Does Rent Regulation Affect Tenant Unemployment? Evidence from New York City

Klaas Kresse
Ewha Womans University
Land-Based Financing and The Positive Feedback Dilemma

Valencia Prentice
Cleveland State University
The Role of Local Government Expenditures in Redistributing Property Wealth: An Exploratory Analysis

Andrew Purves
University College London
Who Collects the Rent? The Impact of Singapore’s (Public) Property State Concept on Equality


Tina Beale
Programme Leader, University of Technology, Jamaica
What Affects Compliance: An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Property Tax Compliance in a Small Island Developing Economy

Ali Enami
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Akron
The Effect of Property Taxes on Businesses: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Approach

Daniel Garrett
Assistant Professor of Finance, Williams College
Subsidizing Public Debt and the Distribution of Public Investment

Jeehee Han
PhD Candidate, Syracuse University
The Spillover Effects of Source of Income Anti-Discrimination Laws on Public Housing

Wookun Kim
Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University
The Valuation of Local Government Spending Gravity Approach and Aggregate Implications

Sarah Larson
Assistant Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance, University of Central Florida
Taxation and Citizen Choice: The Effect of a County Charter on Property Taxes

Wenjing Li
Research Associate, Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy
What Affects Compliance: An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Property Tax Compliance in a Small Island Developing Economy

Iluia (Yulia) Shybalkina
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
Assessing the Impact of a Community Development Program

Luke Spreen
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Senior Property Tax Credits and Residential Home Sales: Evidence from Maryland

Tianren Yang
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Unlocking the Long Term Potential of Land Value Uplift in New Subsidiary Centers: How Does Planning Matter?


Brian Asquith
Economist, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Does Luxury Housing Construction Increase Nearby Rents in Gentrifying Areas?

Pedro Humberto Bruno de Carvalho Junior
Economic Researcher, Instituto de Pesquisa Economica Aplicada
Property Tax in Brazil: Tax Base Size and Revenue Potential

Sarah Cordes
Assistant Professor, Temple University
The Effects of Charter Schools on Neighborhood and School Segregation:  Evidence from New York City

Pooya Ghorbani
Economist, New York City Independent Budget Office
Does New York City Undertax Commercial Properties? An Analysis of the Current Taxation Method and a Sales-based Alternative

Rhiannon Jerch
Assistant Profressor, Temple University
The Local Consequences of Federal Mandates: Evidence from the Clean Water Act

Yusun Kim
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut
Does Coordination among Assessing Units Generate Returns to Scale? Evidence from New York

Evan Mast
Economist, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Local Control and New Housing Construction: Evidence from Electoral Reforms

Ruchi Singh
Assitant Professor, University of Georgia
Is Competition a Cure for Confusion? Evidence from the Residential Mortgage Market

Xi Yang
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
The Impact of Land Use Regulation across the Conditional Distribution of Home Prices: An Application of Quantile Regression for Group Level Treatments


Matthew Gibson
Assistant Professor of Economics, Williams College
Climate Change and Flood Beliefs: Evidence from New York Real Estate

Shawn McCoy
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Regional Economic Diversification as a Catalyst for Economic Resiliency

Vincent Reina
Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania
Do Small Area Fair Market Rent Limits Increase Access to Opportunity Neighborhoods by Housing Choice Voucher Recipients?

Lindsay Relihan
Ph.D. Graduate of Applied Economics, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School
Is Online Retail Killing Coffee Shops?

Konul Riegel
Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia State University
Tax Exemption of State and Local Debt: Who Benefits?

Edmilson Varejão
Visiting Graduate Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles
The Effect of Transport Infrastructure Investments on Short Term Rentals: Evidence from Rio de Janeiro in the Olympic Games

Kate Yang
Assistant Professor, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Administration, George Washington University
Negative Externality of Fiscal Problems: Dissecting the Contagion Effect of Municipal Bankruptcy


Sutirtha Bagchi
Assistant Professor of Economics, Villanova University
Urbanization, Land Value and Firm Investment: Evidence from Chinese Prefecture-Level Cities

Walter J. D’Lima
Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Notre Dame
The Effects of Political Competition on the Funding and Generosity of Public Sector Pension Plans

Enda Patrick Hargaden
Assistant Professor of Economics, Boyd Center for Business and Economic Development, University of Tennessee
The Direct and Spillover Effects of Taxation: Evidence from a Targeted Property Transaction Tax

Chun “KC” Kuang
Assistant Professor of Economics, East Carolina University
Urban Land Values Across China

William H. Martin
Policy Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
The Impact of Housing Tax Preference on Local Home Values and Neighborhood Sorting Incentives

Eric Stokan
Assistant Professor, Towson University
Political Fragmentation at State Borders: Studying “Spherical Fragmentation” on Bordered vs. Non-Bordered Metropolitan Economic & Fiscal Conditions

Yi Wu
Assistant Professor of Finance, Sun Yat-Sen University
Urbanization, Land Value and Firm Investment: Evidence from Chinese Prefecture-Level Cities

Weihua Zhao
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Louisville
Does Minimum Lot Size Zoning Stabilize Neighborhood Development


Silda Nikaj
Assistant Professor of Economics, Texas Christian University
The Texas Homeowner ID Law and the Homestead Exemption

Michael Overton
Research Associate, Center for Public Management, University of North Texas
Property Tax Volatility and Local Economic Development

Michael Suher
Research Fellow, Furman Center, New York University
Is Anybody Home? The Impact and Taxation of Non-Resident Buyers

Paul Thompson
Assistant Professor of Economics, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University
Local Government and Housing Price Responses to Fiscal Labels: Evidence from Ohio

Tate Twinam
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell
Zoning and the Economic Geography of Cities

Sofie Waltl
Research Assistant of Economics, University of Graz
Estimating Aggregate Quantile-Specific Rental Yields for Residential Housing

Amanda Weinstein
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Akron
The Various Economic Impacts of Shale


Jaclene Begley
Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University
Measuring the Boom and Bust in Residential Housing Using Micro Data

Keren Horn
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Are We Punishing Our Poorest Neighborhoods: Evaluating the Consequences of No Child Left Behind

Joshua Hyman
Assistant Professor of Public Policy, University of Connecticut
Does Money Matter in the Long Run? Effects of School Spending on Educational Attainment

Soomi Lee
Assistant Professor of Public Administration, University of La Verne
Political Economy of Parcel Tax Adoption in California School Districts

Jing Li
Assistant Professor of Economics, Singapore Management University
Price Run-Ups in Strategic Sequential Bidding for Government Land Auction Sales: Evidence from Singapore

Christopher Mothorpe
Assistant Professor of Economics, College of Charleston
Demand for New Cities: Property Value Capitalization of Municipal Incorporation

Carlianne Patrick
Assistant Professor of Economics, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University
Jobless Capital? The Role of Capital Subsidies


Todd Kuethe
Clinical Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne
Farmland Taxation and Farmland Conversion

Bree Lang
Assistant Professor of Economics, Xavier University
The Effect of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit on Local Rental Markets

Yong Suk Lee
SK Center Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
How Sensitive are Sales Prices to Online Price Estimates in the Real Estate Market?

Kyle Mangum
Assistant Professor of Economics, Andrew Young School of Policy Studes, Georgia State University
The Global Effects of Housing Policy

Joshua Miller
Economist, Housing Finance Analysis Division, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
From English to First-Price Sealed Bid: An Empirical Assessment of the Change in Auction Type on Experienced Builders

Ashlyn Nelson
Associate Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington
Do Revenue-Raising Constraints Cause Changes in Voluntary Contributions to Public Schools

Heather Stephens
Assistant Professor of Resource Economics and Management, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, University of West Virginia
How Do Pollution and Other Environmental Disamenities Affect Business Location?


Spencer Brien
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business & Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate Schools
Model of Property Tax Determination; Overlapping Jurisdictions

Katie Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor of Economics, Seattle University
Do Bank Accounts Help Families to Save?

Zackary Hawley
Assistant Professor of Economics, Texas Christian University
Discrimination by Mortgage Loan Originators

Olha Krupa
Associate Professor, Institute of Public Service, Seattle University
Impact of Housing Crisis on Vertical Equity in Market-Based Assessment System; Institutional Determinants of Assessment Quality

Rachel Meltzer
Associate Professor of Urban Policy, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy, The New School
Are Local Retail Services an Amenity or a Nuisance?

Mark Phillips
Assistant Professor, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California
Tax Holidays: An Excess Burden Loser?


David R. Agrawal
Assistant Professor, Martin School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Kentucky

Sebastien J. Bradley
Assistant Professor, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University

Nadia N. Greenhalgh-Stanley
Assistant Professor of Economics, Kent State University

Andrew T. Hayashi
Research Fellow, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University

Herman Li 
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Amanda Ross
Assistant Professor of Economics, West Virginia University

Zhou Yang
Assistant Professor of Economics, Robert Morris University


Stephen Billings
Associate Professor of Economics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
A Nonparametric Test for Industrial Specialization

Denvil R. Duncan
Assistant Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington
An International Comparison of Tax Agency Efficiency

Daniel Keath Fetter
Assistant Professor of Economics, Wellesley College
How Do Mortgage Subsidies Affect Homeownership? VA Home Loans and the Mid-20th Century Transformation in U.S. Housing Markets

Nirupama Rao
Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University
Do Tax Credits Stimulate R & D Spending?

Shawn M. Rohlin
Assistant Professor of Economics, Kent State University
Do Spatially Targeted Redevelopment Programs Spillover?

Justin M. Ross
Associate Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington
School District Income Taxes: New Revenue or a Property Tax Substitute?

Claudia A. Sharygin
Principal Economist for Regulatory Review, California Department of Finance
Housing Wealth and Household Economic Decisions: Consequences of the Housing Bust


David Albouy
Associate Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Optimal Population Distribution Across Cities and the Private-Social Wedge

Michael D. Eriksen
Assistant Professor of Real Estate, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati
The Impact of Housing Vouchers on Mobility and Neighborhood Attributes

Andrew Hanson
Assistant Professor of Economics, Marquette University
Do Landlords Discriminate in the Rental Housing Market?

Alvin D. Murphy
Associate Professor of Economics, Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
A Dynamic Model of Housing Supply

Jenny Schuetz
Senior Economist, Consumer and Community Development Research Center, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
The Spatial and Chronological Patterns of Urban Retail Markets

Hui Shan
Vice President, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The Effect of Capital Gains Taxation on Home Sales

Laura D. Ullrich
Associate Professor of Economics, College of Business Administration, Winthrop University
Differing Reponses to School Finance Reform