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Urban Systems/Regional Development Policy Implication

China’s 2010 Census

Douglas Webster, Jianming Cai, Ting Wen, and Larissa Muller

Julho 2014, inglês

The purpose of this monograph is to explore implications of the results of the 2010 Chinese national population census (especially relative to the 2000 census) in terms of ongoing discourse in regard to policies to shape China’s urban system, regional development, and migration policies over the next 10–30 years. This monograph complements an earlier monograph, entitled, A First Glance at China’s 2010 Census: Urbanization and Regional Dynamics; accordingly presentation of data is limited, readers are encouraged to read the companion monograph in conjunction with this monograph.

Urban and Regional Planning, Economic Development, Development, Growth Management, Public Policy, Spatial Order, Urban Development, Urban