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Urban Planning for Climate Change

Edward J. Blakely

Dezembro 2007, inglês

Scientific opinion is now unanimous that global temperatures are likely to continue to rise with concomitant extreme weather patterns and events. There is a protean body of scientific literature available on global warming and climate change, which is affecting urban living in every respect from ‘heat islands,’ continuous light and sea level changes as well as severe droughts and floods paralysing urban areas. Urban planning implications are reflected in buildings, street and community design for more environmentally sustainable cities. The urban science related to climate change and its implications for human settlement is in its early stages. Nonetheless, climate change is already becoming a concern of insurance and actuarial industries as they begin to assess risk to human settlement, construction and other risks associated with atmospheric conditions. These cannot be anticipated and need to be examined with a new paradigm for urban problem solving which is outlined in this paper.


Mitigação Climática, Recuperação de Desastres, Meio Ambiente, Gestão Ambiental, Planejamento Ambiental, Várzeas, Planejamento de Uso do Solo, Planejamento, Resiliência, Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Urbano, Desenvolvimento Urbano, Urbanismo, Água