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Lessons from the Location and Relocation of Firms in the Municipalities to the North and West of Bogotá

Enrique Gilles and Andrés Francisco Baquero-Ruiz

Setembro 2015, inglês

In recent decades, the city of Bogotá and its neighboring municipalities have witnessed a spatial reorganization of industrial activity that has had major repercussions on the spatial flow and socioeconomic sustainability of the entire region. This change has not been free from challenges and problems for private enterprises, nor for the local governments that have promoted this reorganization through tax and other types of incentives. This paper seeks to contribute to the development of better policies and incentives for attracting and retaining firms, combining a few elements of contemporary economic geography with some more assertive policies that identify and emphasize those factors of the environment that firms deem most relevant at the time of selecting the location for their productive or logistics facilities, using the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) methodology to quantify the weight of each factor affecting a decision.


Desenvolvimento Econômico, Uso do Solo, Governo Local, Tributação, Regeneração Urbana