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Different Types of Spatial Mismatch

A U.S.-China Comparison of Poverty Concentration and Low-Skill Job Distribution

Yingling Fan and Tieshan Sun

Junho 2013, inglês

This paper presents detailed case studies of the jobs-housing mismatch phenomenon in Beijing, China and the Twin Cities metropolitan region in the U.S. By examining poverty concentration and low-skill job distribution patterns in the two study regions, the case studies demonstrate that jobs-housing mismatches exist and negatively affect job accessibility of the working poor in both regions. However, marked differences exist between the two regions in terms of appearances as well as the potential consequences of the jobs-housing mismatch phenomenon. The differences suggest that the U.S. experience in combating the job-housing mismatch cannot be directly applied in China. How existing U.S. spatial mismatch mitigation strategies could be used in the context of Chinese cities merits additional research and discussion.

Keywords: People’s Republic of China, Development, Globalization, Housing, Job Sprawl, Planning, Poverty, Urban