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Co-Design and Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Mainstreaming Strategies and Projects in Coastal Dar es Salaam

Liana Ricci and Brendan WIlliams

Maio 2021, inglês

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates that the ten fastestgrowing cities from 2018 to 2035 will all be in Africa, with major development challenges emerging (UNDESA, 2018). Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is one of those cities. Its coastal tropical location makes it vulnerable to the impacts of flooding and seawater intrusion, and its urban governance structures cannot guarantee land tenure security or equitable access to infrastructure. Its vulnerability is exacerbated by poverty and social deprivation.

This case study analyzes the links between social equity and vulnerability to environmental changes in Dar es Salaam. It describes the background and the implementation of an EU cofunded multi-actor, multi-sector project on mainstreaming climate change adaptation. The study explores the extent to which the project helped identify measures and projects that reduce vulnerability while promoting social and spatial equity, along with environmental justice.


Adaptação, Mitigação Climática