Paperback | $35.00 | 328 pages
ISBN: 978-1-55844-155-2

Leasing Public Land

Policy Debates and International Experiences

Edited by Steven C. Bourassa and Yu-Hung Hong

Abril 2003, inglês

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Leasing public land has been advocated as a viable land tenure option for former socialist countries and other transitional economies. However, the debate about land tenure has been influenced more by ideology and preconceptions than by lessons drawn from careful study of existing leasehold systems. This new publication offers a thorough examination of public leasehold systems around the world and presents insightful recommendations for the future role of such systems. Leasehold is a flexible form of land tenure that can be designed to provide an ongoing stream of revenue to finance public infrastructure. What is crucial to the success of leasehold systems is the design and development of appropriate institutions and organizations to, among other things, clearly define property rights and values and provide for effective administration.

About the Editors

Steven C. Bourassa was the KHC Real Estate Research Professor and chair of the Department of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville.

Yu-Hung Hong was a fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


Infraestrutura, Regulação dos Mercados Fundiários, Saúde Fiscal Municipal, Finanças Públicas, Políticas Públicas, Posse