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China’s Environmental Policy and Urban Development

Edited by Joyce Yanyun Man

Fevereiro 2013, inglês

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

It is well known that rapid urbanization and industrialization in China have had serious consequences for China's environment. Far less recognized are the wide ranging efforts undertaken in China to try to control and reverse the effects of this environmental damage. The chapters in this volume do an excellent job of filling that gap.”

Dwight H. Perkins, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Harvard University

This volume tackles a range of ecological issues caused by rapid urban growth in China and examines the policies meant to protect the environment. It features discussions from leading scholars on current regulations, governemtn decentralization and envionrmental protection, urban development, industrial air pollution, household greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation systems.

About the Editor

Joyce Yanyun Man was founding director of the Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy in Beijing from 2007 to 2013.


The chapters in this book trace the recent evolution of environmental regulations in China, including the increasing responsibility of local governments for the enforcement of such regulation. The volume documents the improvement in air quality in many Chinese cities despite the population growth and the huge increase in commuting and automobile use. In addition, the chapters analyze the extent to which improvements are due to better regulatory systems with improved enforcement, greener production processes, and deindustrialization of the largest cities as they become more service oriented. This book will be of great use to both scholars and practitioners.”

Vernon Henderson, Professor of Economcis and Urban Studies, Brown University

Table of Contents

Foreword, Gregory K. Ingram

Current Issues in China’s Environmental Policy

1. China’s Environmental Policy: A Critical Survey

Gregory C. Chow

2. Environmental Policies, Regulations, and Investment in China

Joyce Yanyun Man

3. Government Decentralization, Energy Saving, and Environmental Protection

Zhongxiang Zhang

Urban Development and the Environment

4. Decentralization and the Environment: Industrial Air Pollution in Chinese Cities

Canfei He and Fenghua Pan

5. Income Growth, Urbanization, Changing Lifestyles, and CO2 Emissions in China

Minjun Shi and Yan Wang

6. Passenger Transportation Systems in Large Chinese Cities and Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rui Wang

Green Urban Planning

7. The Greenness of China’s Cities: Air Pollution and Household Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Matthew E. Kahn

8. Urban Planning: The Road to Low-Carbon Cities in China

Juan Jing and Yun Qian

9. Carbon Footprint in the Least Developed Regions: A Case Study of Guangyuan City

Dabo Guan

Environmental Taxation and Policy Impacts

10. Environment-Related Taxes in China: A Comparative Study

Joyce Yanyun Man and Zheng Yinger

11. The Incidence of Carbon Tax in China

Jing Cao

12. The Effectiveness of Pollution-Control Policies in China

Yao Qi, Shunsuke Managi, and Tetsuya Tsurumi


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