Urban Financing Through the Collection of Urban Development Charges

Setembro 16, 2017 - Outubro 24, 2017

Free, offered in espanhol

This course investigates the interrelationships among urban planning practices, the behavior of land markets, and the legal foundations of property and public management. Participants focus on the conceptual, legal, and economic frameworks upon which finance and social management policies of land value surpluses are based.  The course reviews various instruments designed to finance urban goods and services, to recover the cost of public investment (betterment and other special contributions), and to manage development rights and public land.

Prerequisite(s): understanding of the operation of land markets and of the impact of public interventions on land prices (planning and investment decisions).

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Setembro 16, 2017 - Outubro 24, 2017
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Agosto 14, 2017 - Agosto 27, 2017
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Setembro 8, 2017 at 6:00 PM
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