Consortium for Scenario Planning 2022 Conference

Fevereiro 3, 2022 - Fevereiro 4, 2022


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The Consortium for Scenario Planning invites you to register for our fifth annual conference, a virtual gathering that will run from February 3 to 4, 2022.

Building on last year’s successful gathering, the fifth annual Consortium for Scenario Planning Conference will focus on how scenario planning can help us better prepare for and reduce the impacts of climate change.

The extreme weather events of summer 2021 and the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment highlighted some of climate change’s most disastrous impacts and underscored the urgency of accelerating climate action—especially in the face of far-reaching, uncertain, and varying localized effects on land, equity, housing, health, transportation, and natural resources.

Scenario planning offers a robust way for cities and regions to prepare and plan for this uncertain future.  

The 2022 Consortium for Scenario Planning conference will feature presentations from practitioners, consultants, and academics showcasing cutting-edge advances in the use of scenarios for climate action. Conference sessions will be eligible for AICP Certification Maintenance credits.


Fevereiro 3, 2022 - Fevereiro 4, 2022
Application Period
Dezembro 1, 2021 - Fevereiro 3, 2022


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