Implementation of Mass Valuation for Tax Purposes

Maio 7, 2016 - Maio 25, 2016

Free, offered in espanhol

Proper alignment of real estate valuation or assessments with its market value is central to achieving equity in the distribution of tax burdens. Understanding valuation methods allows one to maximize skills, minimize limitations, and identify the most appropriate tools and techniques for each case. This course addresses the issues related to mass appraisal of real estate with emphasis on fiscal uses. Elements needed to build a system that can support cadastral appraisals in a fair and efficient way are presented and discussed. Specific requirements: Participants must have knowledge of property valuation methods and mastery of general statistics (measures of central tendency, dispersion analysis, linear regression).


Maio 7, 2016 - Maio 25, 2016
Application Period
Abril 11, 2016 - Abril 24, 2016
Selection Notification Date
Maio 2, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Educational Credit Type
Lincoln Institute certificate


Cadastro, Computadorizado, Desenvolvimento Econômico, Políticas Públicas, Tributação, Valoração, Tributação de Valores