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  1. Case Study: Tourism, Conservation, and Contestation in Florianópolis, Brazil

    Octubre 2018
    Allison Bridges

    This case study explores how the intersecting urban development agendas of multiple stakeholders can work to accelerate sustainable outcomes in land use.

  2. Case Study: Rhetoric of Recovering Resilient

    Unveiling how Building Back Safer Transforms into Development for Prosperity
    Octubre 2018
    Kanako Iuchi

    This case explains how implementing the concept of increasing resilience against natural hazards is much more complicated than how it is rhetorically used in the development world.

  3. Case Study: Law and the Urban Environment

    Using the Law to Resolve Conflicts Over Land
    Octubre 2018
    Thomas Coggin

    This case study considers conflicts over urban land, a problem prevalent in many densely settled environments today, and advocates for the use of the law as a way to balance competing interests.

  4. Case Study: It Takes an International Village

    How Two West Side Neighborhoods in Cleveland Transitioned from Vacancy and Foreclosure to Housing Rehabilitation and Refugee Resettlement
    Octubre 2018
    Devin Day

    The International Village case uniquely presents refugee resettlement as a response to Rust Belt vacancy issues and thus warrants further inquiry.

  5. Case Study: Home Buyouts in New York State

    Strategies for Maximizing Homeowner Participation
    Octubre 2018
    Pooya Ghorbani

    This case study discusses the structure of the buyout program in New York State after Superstorm Sandy.

  6. Case Study: “Floating TDR” and Land Value Capture in Taiwan

    Designing a More Effective Land-Finance Tool
    Octubre 2018
    Mi Shih, Ying-Hui Chiang, and Hsiutzu Betty Chang

    This case study tells an analytical story of Taiwan’s “floating” transfer of development rights (TDR) through the lens of land-based finance.

  7. Case Study: Coordinating Conservation Programs in the Albuquerque–Bernalillo Region

    Octubre 2018
    Agustin Leon-Moreta and Silvia Saenz-Montenegro

    This case study documents recent public and nonprofit organizations’ land conservation plans in the Albuquerque–Bernalillo region.

  8. The Future of America’s Middle Neighborhoods

    Setting the Stage for Revival
    Resúmenes de políticas públicas
    Noviembre 2018

    Often overlooked, middle neighborhoods matter—both to the people who live in them and to their cities and regions—and solutions demand engagement not only from the neighborhood itself but also from the city, region, and state.

  9. Land Lines, Octubre 2018

    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2018
    Coeditado por Katharine Wroth y Maureen Clarke

    Esta edición considera las desventajas del financiamiento por incremento impositivo (TIF), una herramienta popular para el desarrollo económico que suele no cumplir con la promesa de...

  10. Improving Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Economic Development

    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Septiembre 2018
    David Merriman

    “This report will be the ‘go-to’ resource for public policy practitioners, municipal officials, and worldwide local development officers for two reasons. First, it is written by a...


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