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  1. Assessing Land for Climate Resilience

    A guide to The Nature Conservancy’s resilient and connected network
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    Octubre 2023
    Mark Anderson

    Across the planet, climate change is exacerbating already-critical biodiversity loss that is degrading landscape connectivity, habitats, and livability across species. Motivated by the urgency of...

  2. Land-Based Mitigation Strategies and Their Implications for Local Communities in the Global South

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    Septiembre 2023
    Katherine A. Snyder

    Land-based carbon mitigation strategies are receiving considerable interest for their potential to sink carbon or provide sources of alterative clean energy. The actors and agencies in this sector...

  3. The Effects of Flood Buyouts and Green Infrastructure on Nearby Property Values

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    Agosto 2023
    Ryun Jung Lee, Wayne Day, Alexander Abuabara, Galen Newman, and Walter Peacock

    Property buyouts have been widely implemented as a hazard mitigation strategy to relocate residents to a safer location and reduce potential flood damages. Green infrastructure is an established...

  4. Transitioning Out of Capped Property Assessments

    The Value Recapture Approach
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    Agosto 2023
    Carmela Quintos

    Assessment caps lead to inequities because the same growth limit is applied to high and low growth properties. For high growth properties that fall under the cap, the assessments are artificially...

  5. Willingness to Pay for Climate Adaptation

    International Case Studies on Private Developers’ Preparedness to Contribute to Urban Climate Adaptation
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    Agosto 2023
    Erwin van der Krabben, Alexander Lord, James H. Spencer, and Stephen Buckman

    There is increasing global awareness that, despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change is necessary. Additional stresses related to climate change, including...

  6. Measuring Integration of Land and Water Management in Colorado River Basin Communities

    Stakeholder Perceptions of Candidate Indicators
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    Agosto 2023
    Tamee Albrecht

    Water availability is a growing concern for communities in Colorado River Basin states that have experienced more than two decades of regional drought conditions. A growing body of research suggests...

  7. Land Policies, Urban Law, and Climate Change

    Urban Taxation Measures to Address Climate Change Stage 2: Case Analysis
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    Agosto 2023
    Melinda Maldonado, Safira de la Sala, Rachelle Alterman, Giovanni Andrés Pérez Macías, and Roberto Arazo Silva

    This document serves as a presentation of the second stage of research on Land Policies, Urban Planning Law, and Climate Change. In the first stage, we described a series of urban and taxation...

  8. Building a Landscape Conservation Approach

    The potential for Regional Conservation and Climate Partnerships in Canada
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    Agosto 2023
    Sarah Winterton

    This working paper reviews the growth of Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCPs) in the United States and the outcomes being achieved by those operating in Canada to determine whether and how these...

  9. Anticipated but Unpredictable

    Exploratory Scenario Planning for Climate Migration in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County, Ohio
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    Agosto 2023
    Terry Schwarz, Joseph Schilling, Violet Sulka/Hewes, Catherine Tumber, and Nicholas B. Rajkovich

    Anticipated but Unpredictable: Exploratory Scenario Planning for Climate Migration in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County, Ohio is a case study that explores the process and outcomes of a climate migration...

  10. Green Infrastructure, Home Values, Land Value Capture, and Equitable Property Assessment

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    Julio 2023
    Jeffrey P. Cohen, Michael Dietz, and Yuchen Huang

    Climate change has necessitated innovative approaches to financing storm water mitigation in coastal communities throughout the world. We study how adding bioswales near residential properties in New...


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