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  1. The 2022 Census of Community Land Trusts and Shared Equity Entities in the United States

    Prevalence, Practice and Impact
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    Junio 2023
    Ruoniu Wang, Celia Wandio, Amanda Bennett, Jason Spicer, Sophia Corugedo, and Emily Thaden

    As communities around the United States grapple with a growing affordability crisis and the ongoing legacy of racially exclusionary housing policies, community land trusts (CLTs) have attracted...

  2. China's Policy to Limit Use of Public-Private Partnerships by Municipalities to Finance Capital Improvements

    A Regression Discontinuity Design Analysis of the Fiscal Impact
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    Junio 2023
    Robert Bland, Jingran Sun, and Yu Shi

    China’s rapid urbanization in the past four decades combined with the national government’s ambitious goals for economic growth have pressured public officials in prefectural cities to...

  3. Overview of the National Park System Reform Process in China

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    Junio 2023
    Yufei Wang, Yixin Hu, and Jingyi Liu

    China is at a turning point from a high economic growth rate to a low one, and the country needs to carry out policy reforms for better governance. In recent years, the National Park system reform...

  4. Understanding the Direct and Indirect Health Effects of Urban Greenspaces

    A green infrastructure approach to healthy behavior and outcome
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    Junio 2023
    Yizhao Yang, Hong Wu, Dong Li, and Jie Hu

    This paper argues that urban greenspaces’ ultimate health efficacy lies in them working together as a system and as green infrastructure to provide a variety of ecosystem services. This...

  5. The Art of Negotiations

    Legal Discrimination, Contention Pyramid, and Land-Taking Compensation Policy in China
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    Junio 2023
    Meina Cai

    How do land-dispossessed villagers protect their interests in a context where the legal framework discriminates against them? Contradictory to the existing research that pays much attention to...

  6. Cities in Post-Pandemic China

    Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Intercity Mobility Patterns, Migration-Related Attitudes, and Urban Governance
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    Mayo 2023
    Hengyu Gu

    The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has swept the world since 2020, causing considerable attention from academia, media, and policymakers. Entering the post-pandemic era, despite the...

  7. Can Removing Development Subsidies Promote Adaptation?

    The Coastal Barrier Resources System as a Natural Experiment
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    Mayo 2023
    Hannah Druckenmiller, Yanjun (Penny) Liao, Sophie Pesek, Margaret Walls, and Shan Zhang

    As natural disasters grow in frequency and intensity under climate change, limiting populations and properties in harm's way will be one important facet of adaptation. This study focuses on one...

  8. The Fiscal Impact of Municipal Administrative Center Relocation

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    Mayo 2023
    Min Su, Can Chen, and Cathy Yang Liu

    The relocation of administrative centers is an important policy instrument in China, empowering cities to promote urban economic growth, strengthen public finance, and improve public service...

  9. Research-Informed Documents of Practice

    Helping Urban Planners and Water Managers Direct the Change Needed for Creating Climate-Adapted Urban Landscapes
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    Mayo 2023
    Paul W. Lander and Mary Ann Dickinson

    The past decade has seen a tremendous increase in the interest of the relationship between land use and water planning (American Planning Association Water & Planning Network, 2017). This has led...

  10. Developing a Quantitative Spatial Economic Model to Evaluate Urban Water Conservation Policies in Denver

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    Abril 2023
    Juan Carlos G. Lopez

    This paper develops a quantitative spatial model for the city of Denver to consider policy proposals to reduce urban water demand using data on land use and water demand by households and business...


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