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  1. Community Land Trusts and Limited Equity Cooperatives

    A Marriage of Affordable Homeownership Models?
    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2014
    Meagan M. Ehlenz

    Since 2008, many have questioned the efficacy of conventional homeownership, particularly for low-income households. Advocates champion shared equity homeownership as an alternative, including...

  2. Conservation Catalysts

    The Academy as Nature’s Agent
    Noviembre 2014
    Edited by James N. Levitt with a foreword by Stephen Woodley

    Twenty-first-century conservationists are contending with biodiversity loss on an unprecedented scale, compounded by the interrelated threat of climate change. These global challenges call for first-...

  3. The Nature of Value and the Value of Nature

    A Review of Appraisal Methodology Concerning Natural Resource and Environmental Values
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    Octubre 2014
    Adam I. Davis

    The rules governing appraisal of real estate in the United States are set by the Appraisal Foundation and these rules determine the economic value of environmental features on land as well as the...

  4. Exploratory Scenario Planning

    Lessons Learned in the Field
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    Agosto 2014
    Eric J. Roberts

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the Sonoran Institute, and the Consensus Building Institute jointly researched several exploratory scenario planning processes to identify and compile lessons...

  5. An Open Field

    Emerging Opportunities for a Global Private Land Conservation Movement
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    Julio 2014

    This paper explores the history of the land trust movement in the US, looks at specific examples of the growing private land conservation movement around the globe, and proposes a model that includes...

  6. Defining an Engagement Strategy to Create and Implement the Fourth Regional Plan in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Region

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    Julio 2014
    Juliette Michaelson

    There are several reasons why public engagement is an indispensible component of the Fourth Regional Plan. The first and most important reason is because it is the right thing to do—the Plan...

  7. Technological Changes Enabling a Shift Toward a Distributed, Decentralized and Diverse Model of Energy Generation and Distribution

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    Julio 2014
    Fiona Cousins, Adam Friedberg, and Chris Brosz

    This paper provides an overview of the technological changes that can complement the legacy electric grid as the New York metropolitan region shifts towards a more distributed, decentralized, and...

  8. Achieving Lasting Affordability through Inclusionary Housing

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    Julio 2014
    Robert Hickey, Lisa Sturtevant, and Emily Thaden

    Inclusionary housing policies are local land use policies that link approvals for market-rate housing to the creation of affordable homes for low- and moderate-income households. The primary goals of...

  9. Made for Walking

    Davis Square, Somerville
    Videos y multimedia
    Junio 2014

    Julie Campoli, author of Made for Walking: Density and Neighborhood Form, shows how Davis Square in Somerville, Mass. has all the essential ingredients of a well-designed, walkable neighborhoods.

  10. On-Bill Repayment

    Repaying Clean Energy Investments on Utility Bills
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    Junio 2014
    James Fine, Brad Copithorne, Michael Roos, Ruiwen Lee, Jessica Feingold, Elizabeth Stein, and Sandra Shorenstein

    Clean energy investing is a proven yet mostly untapped opportunity for improving Americas’ economic and environmental prospects. There is massive potential for profitable investment in energy...


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