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  1. Máster en Políticas de Suelo y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible

    Enero 15, 2024

    El máster en Políticas de Suelo y Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible es un programa académico online en español que reúne de manera única los marcos legales y herramientas que sostienen la planificación urbana.

  2. Lincoln Institute at COP28

    Noviembre 30, 2023

    The Lincoln Institute will be at COP28 in Dubai, November 30–December 12, hosting two events at the Multilevel Action and Urbanization Pavilion that focus on the role of land and water policy in achieving equitable climate resilience.

  3. 2023 Journalists Forum

    Noviembre 17, 2023
    Partners: TD Charitable Foundation and Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy invited journalists to attend the 2023 Journalists Forum focused on housing affordability on November 17–18, 2023 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  4. Scenario Planning for Food Systems: Workshops with Food Systems Foresight

    Noviembre 7, 2023
    Speakers: Angela Hansen, Food Systems Foresight and Ryan Handy, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

    Watch Webinar On November 7, the Consortium for Scenario Planning hosted a free hour-long virtual webinar covering the recent scenario planning workshops run by Food Systems Foresight, a consulting...

  5. Land Policy and Green Gentrification 

    Conferencias Lincoln
    Octubre 31, 2023
    Speaker: Isabelle Anguelovski, ICREA Research Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona

    Everyone has an opinion about gentrification — but what is green gentrification? And why should we care? Isabelle Anguelovski, ICREA Research Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona,...

  6. Big City Planning Directors’ Institute 2023

    Octubre 15, 2023

    The Big City Planning Directors' Institute is an annual collaboration of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and the American Planning Association,...

  7. 2023 National Conference of State Tax Judges

    Septiembre 21, 2023
    Speakers: Paula Randolph, Kirk Stark, Richard Pomp, Ned Chappell, Tom Hoover, Clint Bolick, Andrew Jacobs, David Brunori. Mark Juhas, Lucky Defries, and Kathy Spletter

    The National Conference of State Tax Judges meets annually to review recent state tax decisions, consider methods of dealing with complex tax and valuation disputes, and share experiences in case...

  8. Lincoln Institute Sessions at the 2023 IAAO Annual Conference

    Agosto 29, 2023
    Ron Rakow, Paul Bidanset, Gary Cornia, and Nathan Seegert

    The annual conference of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) offers state and local assessing officials the opportunity to hear varied perspectives on property tax issues from...

  9. Innovations in Manufactured Homes (I’m HOME) Annual Conference 2023

    Agosto 23, 2023

    This event is now over. Download the conference summary. The I’m HOME Annual Conference is back! For the first time since 2019, our network will gather in Chicago, Illinois, from August 23 to 24 for...

  10. Conservation Easements: Legal Principles, Valuation, and Applications

    Educación a distancia
    Junio 14, 2023
    Faculty: Joan YoungmanArmando Carbonell, Paul O’Leary, James J. Czupryna, and Stephen J. Small

    Conservation easements play an important role in protecting natural landscapes and sensitive habitats, and in promoting sustainable land use practices. In this course, students will explore the...


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