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  1. The limits of tax caps

    Entradas de blog
    Julio 2008
  2. Faculty Profile

    Andrew Reschovsky
    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2008

    Faculty Profile of Andrew Reschovsky

  3. Property Taxation in Illinois

    A Framework for Reform
    Documentos de trabajo
    Julio 2008
    Nathan B. Anderson and Therese McGuire

    Illinois is one of 23 states that limit both local property tax rates and property tax revenues. Because of its importance to local government finance, reforms of the Illinois property tax system are...

  4. Property Tax Assessment Limits

    Lessons from Thirty Years of Experience
    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Junio 2008
    Mark Haveman and Terri A. Sexton

    During the 30 years since California adopted its groundbreaking tax limitation measure known as Proposition 13, pressure has persisted for states to adopt various forms of property tax relief. These...

  5. Local Revenues Under Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries

    Linking Policy Reform, Governance, and Capacity
    Mayo 2008
    Paul Smoke

    Paul Smoke examines local revenue generation under fiscal decentralization in developing countries. He finds that local capacity for generating own-source funds is rare due to a lack of attention to...

  6. School Finance Reforms and Property Tax Limitation Measures

    Mayo 2008
    Daniel P. McMillen and Larry D. Singell Jr.

    One of the most controversial issues related to U.S. fiscal federalism is the financing of local public schools through property taxation. In theory, the system follows the principle of matching...

  7. Decentralization and Environmental Decision Making

    Mayo 2008
    Shelby Gerking

    Shelby Gerking analyzes the effect of state tax rates on the disposal of chlorinated solvent wastes in the United States. He finds that changes in the disposal costs of these chemicals as a result of...

  8. A Cross-Country Comparison of Decentralization and Environmental Protection

    Mayo 2008
    Hilary Sigman

    Hilary Sigman presents a cross-country analysis of the relationships between decentralization and environmental quality. She employs four measures in her study: (1) access to improved sanitation; (2...

  9. Interjurisdictional Competition Under U.S. Fiscal Federalism

    Mayo 2008
    Sally Wallace

    Similar to the decentralization of environmental policy, scholars and analysts also express concerns about the welfare effects of interjurisdictional competition on economic development under U.S....

  10. Fiscal Decentralization and Income Distribution

    Mayo 2008
    Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Cristian Sepulveda

    A major challenge of fiscal decentralization is its effects on income distribution. Theoretical discussions have questioned whether decentralization increases regional disparities when subnational...


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