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  1. Conservation Catalysts

    The Academy as Nature’s Agent
    Noviembre 2014
    Edited by James N. Levitt with a foreword by Stephen Woodley

    “We can gain encouragement from the coalition of groups that have rallied together to promote conservation and embrace connectivity: universities, environmental groups, land trusts, churches,...

  2. Use-Value Assessment of Rural Land in the United States

    Junio 2014

    This work explains and analyzes critical questions raised by the use-value assessment (UVA) policy for farmland preservation. It covers the origins, key features, impacts, and flaws of UVA programs...

  3. Education, Land, and Location

    Mayo 2014
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Daphne A. Kenyon

    Because most children throughout the world attend elementary and secondary schools near their homes, where they live usually determines where they go to school. In the United States, the relationship...

  4. Instrumentos notables de políticas de suelo en América Latina

    Abril 2014

    Based on work presented at the May 2013 Latin American Forum on Noteworthy Instruments of Urban Intervention, this book (which includes work written in Spanish and Portuguese) presents 21 case...

  5. Land Value Taxation

    Can It and Will It Work Today?
    Enero 1998
    Edited by Dick Netzer

    Many contemporary scholars and practitioners question whether land value taxation is a serious contender as an important revenue source. But, whatever its political potential may be, economists...

  6. Confronting Regional Challenges

    Approaches to LULUs, Growth, and Other Vexing Governance Problems
    Junio 1991
    Edited by Joseph DiMento and LeRoy Graymer

    Can rival community groups “get to yes” when it is in the public’s interest to resolve disputes arising from locally unwanted land uses (LULUs)? “Not in my backyard” (...

  7. The Zoning Game Revisited

    Mayo 1985
    Richard F. Babcock and Charles L. Siemon

    More than a sequel to The Zoning Game, this rich and fascinating collection of eleven case studies on local land use politics offers behind-the-scenes analysis of decision making on zoning controls...

  8. A Outorga Onerosa do Direito de Construir (OODC)

    A Experiência de São Paulo na Gestão Pública de Aproveitamentos Urbanísticos
    Documentos de trabajo
    Noviembre 2014

    A OODC é um instrumento de política urbana que foi regulamentado em nível nacional pelo Estatuto da Cidade em 2001. Ela rege a cobrança de contrapartidas pelo adensamento construtivo dos terrenos...

  9. Mensaje del presidente

    Redesarrollo de nuestras ciudades para el futuro
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2014

    En mis tiempos de becario en la Universidad de Cambridge, durante la década de 1990, mi colega y amigo Wynne Godley, que ya no está entre nosotros, pasaba a buscarme los domingos para llevarme a una...

  10. Message from the President

    Redeveloping Our Cities for the Future
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2014

    When I was a scholar at Cambridge University in the 1990s, my now-departed colleague and friend Wynne Godley would drop by on Sundays to take me to visit one of the ubiquitous medieval churches in...


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