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  1. Nonprofit PILOTs (Payments in Lieu of Taxes)

    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2016

    This policy brief covers key issues surrounding the use of nonprofit payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs): payments made voluntarily by tax-exempt nonprofits as a substitute for property taxes. It...

  2. School Finance and Property Taxes

    Revista Land Lines
    Febrero 2016

    Some of the most significant policy discussions concerning the property tax do not deal with the tax itself, but rather with the use of its revenue to support local public schools. This excerpt from...

  3. Financiamiento escolar e impuesto sobre la propiedad

    Revista Land Lines
    Febrero 2016

    Algunos de los debates políticos más significativos acerca del impuesto sobre la propiedad no tienen que ver con el impuesto en sí, sino con el uso de su recaudación para...

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