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  1. The property tax-school funding dilemma

    Comunicados de prensa
    Diciembre 13, 2007
  2. The Property Tax-School Funding Dilemma

    Enfoques en políticas de suelo
    Diciembre 2007

    Property taxation and school funding are closely linked in the United States, with nearly half of all property tax revenue used for public elementary and secondary education. There is an active...

  3. Forum will examine role of land use in climate change

    Comunicados de prensa
    Octubre 17, 2007
  4. Lincoln Institute a partner in Urban Anchors conference

    Comunicados de prensa
    Septiembre 27, 2007
  5. 2006 Land Policy Conference proceedings in new book

    Comunicados de prensa
    Mayo 25, 2007
  6. Land Policy Conference June 3-5 examines decentralization

    Comunicados de prensa
    Mayo 25, 2007
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