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  1. Planeta de ciudades

    Junio 2015

    This book develops a science of global cities to prepare for the coming expansion of the planet's population and questions the main tenets of the Containment Paradigm. It provides planners and...

  2. Planning for States and Nation-States in the U.S. and Europe

    Abril 2015
    Edited by Gerrit-Jan Knaap, Zorica Nedović-Budić, and Armando Carbonell

    “This timely transatlantic dialogue between planning researchers and policy makers provides a wealth of information and insights into the planning frameworks and institutions in changing...

  3. The Community Land Trust Reader

    Mayo 2010
    Edited by John Emmeus Davis

    “The immensely damaging U.S. housing bubble, which was built on speculation, burst suddenly, with disastrous results not just for our national economy, but for individual homeowners and renters...

  4. Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on the Property Tax

    Enero 2010
    Edited by Roy Bahl, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Joan Youngman

    This book reviews the role of the property tax, addresses the reasons behind its poor performance in practice, and critiques the conventional wisdom in academic literature on the subject. It also...

  5. La revolución de los drones

    Los geodatos generados mediante UAV mejoran las políticas de suelo desde América Latina hasta China
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2017
    Por John Wihbey

    Desde América Latina hasta China, los drones están creando fotografías en alta resolución y modelos 3D que ayudan a actualizar los catastros territoriales, documentar el...

  6. The Drone Revolution

    UAV-Generated Geodata Drives Policy Innovation
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2017
    By John Wihbey

    From Latin America to China, drones are creating high-resolution photographs and 3-D models that help update territorial cadastres, document informal development, recover from natural disasters,...

  7. Mensaje del presidente

    Crear un sentido de pertenencia
    Revista Land Lines
    Septiembre 2017

    Los vínculos humanos con la tierra anteceden a la ciencia y a la lógica. Son tan fundamentales para nuestra identidad que rara vez los cuestionamos o evaluamos. Es importante destacar que estos...

  8. Message from the President

    Making Sense of Place
    Revista Land Lines
    Julio 2017

    Human connections to land predate science and logic; they are so fundamental to our identity that we rarely question or examine them. Importantly, these ties to land evoke strong, and often...

  9. 2017 Urban Economics and Public Finance Conference

    Mayo 5, 2017
    Speakers: Andrew Hanson, Christian Redfearn, Cynthia Rogers, Daniel Hartley, Gabriel Ehrlich, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Jeffrey Zabel, Jenny Schuetz, Patrick Button, Siqi Zheng, Stephen Billings, Timothy Bartik

    The economic growth and development of urban areas are closely linked to their revenue sufficiency and fiscal prospects. This research seminar offers a forum for new academic work on the interaction of these two fields.

  10. Mensaje del presidente

    Cómo transplantar las innovaciones en materia urban
    Revista Land Lines
    Marzo 2017

    Cuando organizamos reuniones en América Latina, a veces contratamos intérpretes simultáneos para que aquellos de nosotros que poseemos un limitado conocimiento del idioma español podamos seguir la...


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