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  1. Public Finance

    Amid Falling Revenues, Some Cities Turn to the Property Tax
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    Diciembre 2020
    By Liz Farmer, December 10, 2020

    As most major cities grapple with lost revenue due to the pandemic, some are turning toward the property tax as a way of filling the gap. Perhaps nowhere has this decision been more controversial...

  2. An Examination of Sales Ratio Data and Sources Incorporated into the 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study

    Documentos de trabajo
    Diciembre 2020
    Bob DeBoer

    The 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study, jointly produced by the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence (MCFE) and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, uses sales ratios to more accurately...

  3. Property Tax 101: Why the Property Tax

    Videos y multimedia
    Noviembre 2020

    Why is the property tax the bulwark of local government finance? What is the role of state aid in a healthy property tax system? This video explores these questions and more through the experiences of two Massachusetts municipalities.

  4. Property Tax 101: The Mechanics

    Videos y multimedia
    Noviembre 2020

    This explainer video walks through the mechanics of how the property tax works and why it is so stable and effective.

  5. Mensaje del presidente

    Centro de Soluciones Geoespaciales: Pensamiento global, mapeo local
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2020
    Por George W. McCarthy, 21 de octubre, 2020

    En la década de 1980, poco después de que China se hubiera abierto al mercado y el comercio internacionales, las tierras agrícolas del país empezaron a sucumbir a la súbita urbanización. Entre 1987 y...

  6. Geospatial Technology

    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Launches Center for Geospatial Solutions
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    Octubre 2020
    By Will Jason, October 29, 2020

    The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy today launched a new enterprise to expand the use of advanced technology for land and water conservation—The Center for Geospatial Solutions (CGS). The center...

  7. 2020 National Conference of State Tax Judges

    Octubre 22, 2020
    Speakers: Jenny Schuetz, Richard Pomp, Kirk Stark

    This conference meets annually to review recent state tax decisions, consider methods of dealing with complex tax and valuation disputes, and share experiences in case management.

  8. President’s Message

    Center for Geospatial Solutions: Think Globally, Map Locally
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2020
    By George W. McCarthy, October 21, 2020

    In the 1980s, not long after China had opened up to global trade and commerce, the nation’s farmland began succumbing to rapid urbanization. The explosive growth of cities consumed an estimated 7...

  9. Houghton County Ranks Second Highest for Effective Use of Tax Dollars

    The Daily Mining Gazette
    Octubre 20, 2020
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  10. Global Conservation

    International Land Conservation Network Appoints Regional Representatives
    Revista Land Lines
    Octubre 2020
    By Katharine Wroth, October 19, 2020

    The onset of the pandemic led the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) to recast plans for a global conservation congress earlier this year, shifting from an in-person gathering for 300...


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