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  1. Rebooting New England: Seizing the Infrastructure Moment

    Conferencias Lincoln
    Junio 27, 2017
    Robert Yaro

    Bob Yaro of the University of Pennsylvania shares recommendations for New England's bypassed older industrial cities built around a proposed high-performance rail network.

  2. Making Communities Investable: Attracting and Leveraging Private Investment for Public Good

    Conferencias Lincoln
    Agosto 26, 2016
    Speakers: Robin Hacke, David Wood, Christopher Goett

    Robin Hacke will introduce the framework of “capital absorption” and describe how it has been applied in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Denver to assess and improve community investment systems.

  3. Tax Breaks, Transparency, and Accountability: A Conversation with Greg LeRoy

    Conferencias Lincoln
    Enero 28, 2016
    Speaker: Greg LeRoy

    Join Greg LeRoy for a brief presentation on the Subsidy Tracker from Good Jobs First, followed by a conversation with Lincoln Institute President George W. "Mac" McCarthy.

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