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  1. Housing Policies and Urban Development

    Lessons from the Latin American Experience, 1960–2010
    Noviembre 2015
    Eduardo Rojas

    Access and opportunity are tied in many different ways to location. One’s neighborhood and neighbors can have dramatic effects on health and political, socioeconomic, and education opportunities and...

  2. A New Financial Instrument of Value Capture in São Paulo

    Certificates of Additional Construction
    Mayo 2010

    In this paper, Paulo Sandroni discusses a new instrument called the Certificates of Additional Construction Potential bonds (known in Brazil by the name Certificados de Potencial Adicional de...

  3. Looking Beyond Land Titling and Credit Accessibility for the Urban Poor

    Mayo 2009

    In this paper, Edésio Fernandes argues that the designs of large-scale titling programs have been based on erroneous assumptions about the formation of informal settlements. This error, Fernandes...

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