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  1. UN-Habitat, Lincoln Institute to develop global municipal database

    Entradas de blog
    Marzo 2016
  2. Land and the City

    Enero 2016
    Edited by George W. McCarthy, Gregory K. Ingram, and Samuel A. Moody

    This book from the Lincoln Institute's 2014 Land Policy Conference examines issues of land use policies and their impact on sustainable urbanization. By 1960, one-third of the world’s...

  3. Who are the Habitat III major players?

    Noviembre 18, 2015
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  4. Monitoring the Share of Land in Streets

    Public Works and the Quality of Global Urban Expansion
    Noviembre 2015

    Whether it is microhousing for hipsters in Seattle, high-rises for the upwardly mobile in Beijing, or informal settlements on the fringe of Nairobi, the expansion of urban areas is poorly monitored...

  5. Climate Change and U.S. Cities

    Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaptations
    Noviembre 2015
    William Solecki

    William Solecki examines the challenge climate change creates for city planning complicated by the fact that barring serious intervention, some urban land may eventually be underwater. Climate change...

  6. The Past and Future of the Urban Property Tax

    Noviembre 2015
    Grant Driessen and Steven Sheffrin

    For U.S. cities, the property tax is the single largest source of own-source revenue, but the extent to which different cities rely on property tax revenues varies significantly. Grant Driessen and...

  7. An Evaluation of China’s Land Policy and Urban Housing Markets

    Noviembre 2015

    In this paper, Joyce Y. Man examines the evolution of Chinese housing policies and the growth of the Chinese housing market since the reforms of 1998, when the Chinese government ended its...

  8. Housing Policies and Urban Development

    Lessons from the Latin American Experience, 1960–2010
    Noviembre 2015
    Eduardo Rojas

    Access and opportunity are tied in many different ways to location. One’s neighborhood and neighbors can have dramatic effects on health and political, socioeconomic, and education opportunities and...

  9. The Relationship Between the Rise of Private Communities and Increasing Socioeconomic Stratification

    Noviembre 2015
    Evan McKenzie

    In this paper, Evan McKenzie examines the rise of common interest housing, which takes the form of private homeowners’ associations, condominiums, and housing cooperatives. The relationship between...

  10. Opening for City-Based Urban Researchers in Belgaum

    Urban Design Collective
    Octubre 2, 2015
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias


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