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  1. Climate Change and U.S. Cities

    Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaptations
    Noviembre 2015
    William Solecki

    William Solecki examines the challenge climate change creates for city planning complicated by the fact that barring serious intervention, some urban land may eventually be underwater. Climate change...

  2. Not by the Hand of Horace Mann

    How the Quest for Land Value Created the American School System
    Mayo 2014

    This paper by William A. Fischel is an economic history of K–12 education and the structure of school districts. As the second part of the title suggests, Fischel argues that land or property values...

  3. The Future Role of the Property Tax in the Funding of K12 Education in the United States

    Mayo 2014

    This paper reviews the role of the property tax in funding K–12 education. At present, local and state governments each contribute a national average of 44 percent of the funds spent on public...

  4. Chicago and Its Skyway

    Lessons from an Urban Megaproject
    Mayo 2013
    Louise Nelson Dyble

    In this paper, Louise Nelson Dyble examines the history of political leadership throughout the Chicago Skyway’s development as a public project and assesses the lessons from its eventual...

  5. Metropolitan Cities in the National Fiscal and Institutional Structure

    Abril 2013
    Paul Smoke

    In this paper, Paul Smoke points out that an important yet neglected issue in the study of urban public finance in developing countries is how urban and metropolitan governments are situated in the...

  6. Special Assessments in California

    35 Years of Expansion and Restriction
    Mayo 2012
    Dean J. Misczynski

    The use of special assessments in California is one of the longest value capture experiences in the United States. In this paper Dean J. Misczynski describes this instrument and related financing...

  7. Experimenting with Land Value Capture on Western State Trust Land

    Mayo 2012
    Susan Culp and Dan Hunting

    The use of land value capture to finance investments in state trust land is another potential extension of the concept. Traditionally, state trust land has been leased to private companies and...

  8. Water Rights and Markets in the U.S. Semiarid West

    Efficiency and Equity Issues
    Noviembre 2011
    Gary D. Libecap

    In this paper, Gary D. Libecap explores water in the semiarid western United States-a region in which many of the intensifying demand and supply problems regarding fresh water are playing out-as a...

  9. Preparing for Rising Water Along U.S. Coastlines

    Mayo 2011
    Bruce Babbitt

    In this paper, Bruce Babbitt argues that the most extensive land use impacts in the United States caused by climate change will occur along coastlines. Rising sea levels are already encroaching on...

  10. Integrating Adaptation and Mitigation in Local Climate Change Planning

    Mayo 2011
    Elisabeth M. Hamin

    Another land use planning issue related to climate policy is the potential tradeoffs in land use between adaptation and mitigation. Whereas typical mitigation measures, such as compact city structure...


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