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  1. Land Value Taxation and Eco-taxation

    Their Social and Economic Inter-relationship
    Documentos de trabajo
    Octubre 2000
    Nathaniel Lichfield and Owen Connellan

    This Report is a preliminary exploration of the inter-relationship between two forms of taxation: the long established land value taxation an the recently emerging eco-taxation. The exploration...

  2. Equity and Fairness Within Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes

    Documentos de trabajo
    Junio 2000
    Frances Plimmer, William J. McCluskey, and Owen Connellan

    This working paper reports on inequitable and unfair aspects in the extant design and operation of domestic property taxation systems in the United Kingdom. It examines previous attempts in property...

  3. Preparing for Land Value Taxation in Britain

    Documentos de trabajo
    Mayo 2000
    Anthony Vickers

    This project centered on a ‘property tax stakeholder’ postal survey and meetings with experts to discover what obstacles were perceived to inhibit implementation of land value taxation (...

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