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  1. Climate Change and Land Policies

    Mayo 2011
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    Developing policies that will keep climate change in check has become a global priority, as increasing greenhouse gas emissions contribute to extreme weather patterns. If these emissions remain...

  2. Opportunities and Limits for the Evolution of Property Rights Institutions

    Noviembre 2011
    Thráinn Eggertsson

    In this paper, Thráinn Eggertsson examines how assumptions based on national politics and hard-to-obtain and limited data yield valuable tools for exploring the logic of institutional changes to...

  3. The Variety of Property Systems and Rights in Natural Resources

    Noviembre 2011
    Daniel H. Cole and Elinor Ostrom

    In this paper, Daniel H. Cole and Elinor Ostrom examine the current state of property theory relative to the impressive range, scope, and depth of recent social-scientific investigations into real-...

  4. Gold Rush Legacy

    American Minerals and the Knowledge Economy
    Noviembre 2011
    Karen Clay and Gavin Wright

    In this paper, Karen Clay and Gavin Wright argue that the gold-mining camps of California had a more complex governance structure than economic historians have supposed. In some respects, the mining...

  5. Gold Rushes Are All the Same

    Labor Rules the Diggings
    Noviembre 2011
    Andrea G. McDowell

    In this paper, Andrea G. McDowell compares the California gold rush with others around the world and finds important common traits. She finds that the governance structure of California mining claims...

  6. Property Creation by Regulation

    Rights to Clean Air and Rights to Pollute
    Noviembre 2011
    Daniel H. Cole

    In this paper, Daniel H. Cole argues that, contrary to both the suppositions of some legal scholars and the theoretical underpinnings of regulatory takings doctrine, government regulations not only...

  7. Rights to Pollute

    Assessment of Tradable Permits for Air Pollution
    Noviembre 2011
    Nives Dolšak

    In this paper, Nives Dolšak examines the property-based approach to air-pollution control known as “cap-and-trade” and analyzes aspects of its institutional design and implementation, particularly...

  8. Who Owns Endangered Species?

    Noviembre 2011
    Jason F. Shogren and Gregory M. Parkhurst

    In this paper, Jason F. Shogren and Gregory M. Parkhurst raise the question, who owns endangered species? The simple answer is that we all do. However, the authors note, that answer does not help us...

  9. Enclosing the Fishery Commons

    From Individuals to Communities
    Noviembre 2011
    Bonnie J. McCay

    In this paper, Bonnie J. McCay explores the privatization trend in marine fisheries policy and its implications for communities of fishers. After briefly discussing the larger framework of spatial...

  10. The Evolution of Zoning Since the 1980s

    The Persistence of Localism
    Noviembre 2011

    This paper, by William A. Fischel, examines three broad themes in the evolution of zoning. The first theme is the persistence of localism in zoning despite numerous top down attempts to reform zoning...


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