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  1. Can Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reverse Urban Decline?

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    Junio 2003
    Rachel N. Weber

    To counteract physical decline, local governments have increasingly relied on a redevelopment tool called Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF allows municipalities to designate an area for improvement...

  2. The Impact of the Jubilee Line Extension of the London Underground Rail Network on Land Values

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    Junio 2003
    Stephen R. Mitchell and Anthony Vickers

    Using U.K. Government published property value data, an analysis of the impact of a major extension to London’s subway network during the late 1990s was undertaken to establish whether value...

  3. Property Taxation in Indonesia

    Challenges from Decentralization
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    Febrero 2003
    Roy Kelly

    In 1986, Indonesia embarked on a major property tax reform, generally recognized as perhaps the most successful property tax reform in the developing world. The reform simplified basic tax policy,...

  4. Effects of Property Tax Abatements on Tax Rates and Capital Costs

    The Case of Monroe County, Indiana
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    Enero 2003
    C. Kurt Zorn, John L. Mikesell, and Esteban Dalehite

    Research on property tax abatements has focused mostly on the determinants of abatements, and on the effectiveness of abatements in influencing relocation, jobs, investment and other outcomes. Two...

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