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  1. Planning with Foresight

    Revista Land Lines
    Noviembre 2021
    By Petra Hurtado, November 15, 2021. 

    Foresight is a planning approach that aims at making sense of the future, understanding drivers of change that are outside of one’s control, and preparing for what may lead to success or failure. The Lincoln Institute partnered with the American Planning

  2. 2021–2022 Programa de becas para el máster UNED-Instituto Lincoln

    Oportunidades de becas de posgrado
    Noviembre 2021
  3. The Statute of the Metropolis and Planning Reform in Brazil

    Analyzing Land Use Planning Practices and Metropolitan Land Conflicts
    Documentos de trabajo
    Julio 2021
    Abigail Friendly and Felipe Francisco De Souza

    In 2015, Brazil enacted the Statute of the Metropolis (Federal Law No. 13,089) to regulate the establishment of metropolitan areas and regional public policies throughout the country. This research...

  4. Value Capture and the Role of Land in the Equality of Opportunities

    The Case of São Paulo, Brazil
    Documentos de trabajo
    Mayo 2021
    Ciro Biderman

    São Paulo has developed a unique instrument for capturing land value: charging for the right to build. This instrument has been evolving since mid-1970s and is now firmly established in the...

  5. CityLab attendees focus on innovation, opportunity

    The Detroit News
    Octubre 29, 2018
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  6. Left Behind by Knowledge Economy, Small Cities Look to Transportation Future

    Automotive News
    Julio 23, 2018
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  7. The high cost of abandoned property, and how cities can push back

    Junio 1, 2018
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  8. 2018 International Conference on Municipal Fiscal Health

    Mayo 21, 2018

    A seminal event in the Municipal Fiscal Health campaign’s trajectory, this conference convenes leading experts, scholars, and practitioners for an international dialogue to further elevate municipal fiscal health as an issue of global importance.

  9. Conference in Detroit to focus on land policy, economic health

    Crain's Detroit Business
    Mayo 21, 2018
    El Instituto Lincoln en las noticias
  10. 2018 Professional Certificate in Municipal Finance

    Marzo 14, 2018

    Infrastructure, urban planning, and property taxes: learn the latest approaches to public finance


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