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  1. Science Parks and Land Value Capture

    Mayo 2012
    Michael I. Luger and Justyna Dabrowska

    Some value capture approaches are tailored for specific development projects. For instance, the science park has become a popular form of town-gown partnership used to boost local economic...

  2. The Affordability Challenge

    Inclusionary Housing and Community Land Trusts in a Federal System
    Mayo 2012
    Richard P. Voith and Susan M. Wachter

    Richard P. Voith and Susan M. Wachter discuss the relationship between building durable affordable housing and land value capture, using inclusionary housing requirements and community land trusts (...

  3. Transit Value Capture

    New Town Co-Development Models and Land Market Updates in Tokyo and Hong Kong
    Mayo 2012
    Jin Murakami

    Transit value capture is another common project-based approach for capturing land value increases generated by public investment. Jin Murakami examines this technique, which is used by major railway...

  4. Airport Improvement Fees, Benefit Spillovers, and Land Value Capture Mechanisms

    Mayo 2012
    Anming Zhang

    Airports may use land value capture as a funding source for infrastructure improvements. Anming Zhang explores the questions of how positive externalities generated by airports should be internalized...

  5. Assessing the Nonprofit Property Tax Exemption

    Should Nonprofit Entities Be Taxed for Using Local Public Goods?
    Mayo 2012
    Joseph J. Cordes

    There has been a prolonged debate on whether local governments should grant nonprofit organizations tax exemptions for owning real property. At the core of this debate is an issue related to value...

  6. Experimenting with Land Value Capture on Western State Trust Land

    Mayo 2012
    Susan Culp and Dan Hunting

    The use of land value capture to finance investments in state trust land is another potential extension of the concept. Traditionally, state trust land has been leased to private companies and...

  7. Town Planning Schemes as a Hybrid Land Readjustment Process in Ahmedabad, India

    A Better Way to Grow?
    Mayo 2012
    Bishwapriya Sanyal and Chandan Deuskar

    In India, local governments have increasingly relied on town planning schemes (TPS) to influence urban growth and to finance affordable housing and basic infrastructure. TPS is a hybrid land...

  8. Are Property-Related Taxes Effective Value Capture Instruments?

    Mayo 2012
    Lawrence C. Walters

    In examining the practicality of using property taxes to capture land value in the United States, Lawrence C. Walters found that the annual property tax is an effective value capture instrument. He...

  9. Value Capture and Land Policies

    Mayo 2012
    Edited by Gregory K. Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong

    Attention to value capture as a source of public revenue has been increasing in the United States and internationally as some governments experience declines in revenue from traditional sources and...

  10. Financing Cities

    Mayo 2010
    Robert P. Inman

    Cities and their surrounding suburban neighborhoods are economic growth agents. Not only do they provide public goods to satisfy the needs of urban residents, but they also supply local...


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